Yes, I realize this is my 3rd post today…

but whatever peeps. It’s my blog and I’ll blog if I want to.

First, I totally copied Joy and made a life list on The link is in my favorite section to the right 🙂 It’s addicting and fun to read other people’s goals too.

After my eye exam this morning, I decided it was time for a haircut. I haven’t gotten one since about a YEAR ago and I was starting to feel like my hair was “scraggily”. Anyway, I went to good ole’ Fantastic Sam’s, looked in a book to find a picture of what I had in mind, and showed it to the stylist when it was my turn. Now, I wanted my hair SLIGHTLY shorter than the picture showed, and I explained this very clearly to the woman. She seemed to understand me. Next thing I know, she’s done and my hair is SIGNIFICANTLY shorter than the picture. Nothing like the picture actually. An entirely different style. I finally have that cute pony-tail I’ve always wanted though 🙂 I’m not too disappointed or angry…I actually do like it! It was just very surprising at first, and I am slightly peeved that she had a PICTURE in front of her and my head came out looking entirely different. Oh well, that’s what you get when you only are willing to pay $13 for someone to take scissors to your locks.

Next up I went over to Kohl’s, basically because I can’t stop looking at baby clothes. I know what you’re thinking. “Geez Jen, your baby isn’t even due until March…why does it need clothes now?” or “Geez Jen, you don’t even know if your baby is a boy or girl! Can’t you just stick it out a few more weeks and THEN start buying clothes?” To the both questions I answer : You just wait until you’re having a baby and see how well you do in restraining yourself. Anyway, I had seen on someone’s blog the CUTEST gender-neutral outfit and I thought maybe Kohl’s would have it. I resolved in my mind that I would only buy something if it was the EXACT outfit I had already fallen in love with. Lo and behold, after some major temptations and some serious digging, I found it! This may even be our baby’s coming home outfit 🙂


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