Snowy day!

Kevin’s boss let him work from home today. And since I didn’t have to work, it was nice to be home together. I was busy this morning getting things done around the house: I cleaned the bathrooms, did some laundry, and wrapped up 3 more books that we sold on to be shipped. I also made some yummy marinade for our steak (which we decided to do tomorrow night, so it’s going to be veeerrryyy marinaded!-YUM!) and did a bunch of researching online about cloth diapering. Dorky, and very expectant-motherly of me, I know. But on a more “normal note” I have read a lot of my book this today too-which is good because book club night is approaching and this book is a bit slow. Yet, I like it.

Rather than working himself, Kevin forced Bwatta to earn his keep. It was “Take Your Monkey to Work Day”.

Can you tell how much snow there is?

Here’s my man, snowblowing!

So so so excited for this evening-to see Randi and to play…

I’m off to Kohl’s in search of some winter boots, and to the post office to mail the books. Pics of our Roommate Reunion to come tomorrow!


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