Crib is up!

I have to say that I’ve been waiting for quite some time now for that pregnancy “nesting” instinct to kick in. I have been putting off cleaning for far too long and my excuse to myself is: If I clean now, there will be nothing to clean when nesting hits! So needless to say, the house was a dump and finally FINALLY nesting came to me yesterday! Here’s everything I accomplished yesterday after our fantastic meal at Los Tres AMIGAS (feminists unite!):

2 loads of regular laundry (would have done this anyway)
Load of shower curtain and filthy rugs
1st load of baby clothes 🙂

Swept and mopped kitchen and entry from garage (FILTHY)
Cleaned microwave, counters, stray dishes, ran dishwasher
Cleaned both bathrooms, including the shower in ours
Emptied all the trash cans

The only thing I didn’t get to was vacuuming because we set up the crib later in the evening and I needed to get to bed. There are little balls from the styrofoam packaging all down the hall and in the office, but that’s ok. I feel like I did so much.

Sophie’s room is coming along very nicely, especially with the crib up.

It’s really starting to come together 🙂 Just seeing that crib is like….WOW! There’s really a baby coming! I sorted all the clothes into piles by color so I still have a few more loads to wash.

The dresser is supposed to be delivered sometime this week and then I can start organizing the drawers and getting stuff put away into it’s proper place. Can’t wait! I think I need a few shallow square baskets, or something that will act as drawer organizers. I normally wouldn’t really worry about stuff like that, but there are so many tiny items that I don’t want to get lost or pushed to the back of the drawer. We have a bunch of tiny newborn mittens (so they don’t scratch themselves), plus socks, and other little things. Hmmm I think I’ll just have to wait until after my other shower so I can assess what I still need. Then I can go on a big ole shopping trip (FUN!) Here’s a few more shots from the nursery:

This morning was my final shift at JoAnn. It’s a little bittersweet, as there really were some people there that I liked and I do have some good memories of working there. Overall though, I’m happy I’m done. Physically, this morning was very tiring and I really don’t think I’d be of very much use for too much longer. My back hurt every time I bent over, I was out of breath, tired, feeling very slow. It was a good stopping point. To celebrate I got fries and a coke at McDonald’s to go with my delicious homemade Philly cheesesteak that Kevin made me for lunch.

Well, I have book club tonight and I’m only halfway through Jane Green’s “The Beach House”. It’s an easy read, but I find it very sad that there are 2 couples having affairs in it, and while it is obvious that there are negative consequences for these characters, the author seems to mainly be making the point that “you gotta do what you gotta do to be happy”. Also, the author shifts the point of view so often (multiple times per chapter) that it is very distracting. You are constantly asking yourself “wait, who’s talking right now?” There are so many “main” characters that it has a dizzying effect. Another annoying thing: The author is British, the story is set in Nantucket, and yet the author constantly is using British words and phrases-things that an American would never say. For example, she uses the phrase “they get on together”, where any American would say “they get along together”. Or “they had a row” instead of “they had a “fight”. Even using “Mum” instead of “Mom” (that’s an easy one-Come on!) Know your setting!


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