Weekend Overview

What a weekend! Warning: This post contains a ton of pictures!

On Saturday, myself along with a bunch of Westwinds kids and parents went DOWNTOWN (Detroit) to Gleaner’s Food Bank. It was a great day! We ate lunch at Wendy’s (and I decided that I really love the crispy chicken sandwich there, but not so much the fries) and then headed to the Food Bank. It’s really a huge warehouse that stores and supplies other food pantries and charities in the area. The kids had a great time! We helped pack snack bags that would be given to local schools this week-assembly line style! I mostly helped the youngest kids in our group open up boxes to replenish the crates of snacks on the “line” for the packers. They did a great job! For the older kids I think it was very eye-opening for them to learn that there are plenty of kids who only get to eat at school. Hopefully, we’ll go back next year!

Sunday-church and shepherding. I ended up with the 5/6th grade because there were only 3 kindergarteners. I usually shy away from the 5/6th grade because sometimes I find them creepy and awkward (or is that me?) but of “church friend” of mine was teaching in the storytelling room (where the 5/6th graders were this week) so I decided to suck it up. It was fun! The kids listened to the story of the 10 lepers on cd (only one leper goes back to thank Jesus for healing him-a story on thankfulness) and then had to recreate the story in a creative way with their group. The group of four girls decided to do a puppet show, and the two boys did a theatrical re-enactment on the stage (complete with costumes from the wardrobe). Both turned out short and funny, they made me laugh.

I had started to put together our Zanzibar bouncer by myself last Friday, but had to quit out of frustration. The dang frame was not fitting together properly, and I decided to WALK AWAY before I broke anything. Kevin wrestled with the thing for awhile on Sunday, and was successful in forcing it together, unfortunately I had completely messed it up by beginning to put it together incorrectly. So we had to take the whole thing apart and start over (and I even thought I was following the directions…) Whatever. Cocoa is enjoying the bouncer now, at least until Sophie arrives!

As you can see, Kevin also put together the dresser last night. I was so excited for the dresser to get built so that I could finally get the clothes off of the floor! I did some returns to Toys R Us, Target, and Kohl’s, and with my money from the returns bought a few cute outfits (couldn’t resist),

a changing pad and cover, mattress pad and dust ruffle for the crib, and some drawer organizers. We also hung up the painting I got from my neighbor Kourtney at my shower, which matches the crib sheets beautifully! I still have one more big load of baby laundry to do (the PINK load…it’s very big) and then all of that will be done. I only feel like we really have another week or two before we enter into “waiting time”…

I’m making calzones for dinner tonight. Thank you Melanie.

Hi STEPH in Japan!


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