Sophie, we’re ready to meet you!

I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE for this baby to be born this week. I’m so ready to hold her and see her, of course, but I’m also so ready to be able to bend over, put on my own shoes without feeling like I’m about to die, breathe and walk normally, and lay on my stomach again. People always talk about the joy of pregnancy, how cool it is to have a person growing inside of you. I’d have to agree, it’s very cool to feel the baby move and to know that it’s my child in there, and that she’ll be born soon-a brand new human being! But no one ever really talks about the fact that during pregnancy you lose yourself a little, your body is no longer your own, you can’t do the normal things you used to do-like lay on your stomach to play cards, curl up into a ball to watch tv, or easily cuddle with your “other half”.

This little one has been moving almost constantly since about 8am. I’m not exaggerating either-just about the whole time. How she has so much energy (or room!) all of a sudden I have no idea, but she’s going crazy. Maybe my two Dr. Peppers from yesterday evening are finally catching up to her!

Today is deceptively cold. I was so happy to see the sun this morning, and considered a walk, but upon taking a look at I decided against it. It was like 17 degrees when I wanted to go! No thank you! I enjoyed the sunshine from the comfort and warmth of my living room.

Kara is coming over tomorrow morning to make some applesauce. Kevin said, “Can you make more this time so I can actually eat some?” I guess last time I got a little carried away and ate it all myself! This time around though we have more apples.

Ohh ohh I almost forgot: Last night I found some of these babies online ON CLEARANCE for $10. So, I bought 4. I requested “girl colors”. BumGenius all-in-ones 🙂


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