She’s Here!

Sophie Joy Gienapp was born at 2:22pm on 3/13. She was 7lbs. 6 oz. and 21 inches long. And she’s BEAUTIFUL!

My contractions started at around 7:30pm on Thursday night, and grew steadily stronger and closer together. We ended up going to the hospital around 4am, and we started to walk the halls around 9. The doc broke my water around 12:30, and then my contractions got very painful very quickly! When I finally asked for the epidural I found out that I was dilated to 8cm! It was too late to get the epidural so I was going to have to tough it out without it. Those contractions through those last two centimeters were horrible-the most pain I’ve ever been in, but I felt ready to push and pushing was the only thing that took the edge off the pain of the contractions. Kevin was so encouraging-he was awesome through the whole day. He has been so amazing with her too, and has gained so much confidence in holding her and taking care of her in just one day of practice. He’s such a good daddy! We’re so in love with Sophie!


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