A fun little game…

Lacking inspiration for a blog post, Randi provided me with a list of various words, which I will now construct into a story. Ready…GO.

William Farquar, the 12 year old son of the Duke of Chicago, was having a rough day. At breakfast, he had demanded his usual escargo with his usual fiery passion, but alas, the royal kitchens were fresh out of these slimy snails. Believing that these slippery morsels were necessary for optimal nutrition, William decided to search for them himself. He called for his servant, Randall, and together they set off for The Coast.

It was a nasty flight, as the pilot displayed his lack of finesse in the at the wheel. Nevertheless, William and Randall arrived at The Coast, flash light in hand and the search for snails began.

Now, what you must know about Randall is this: He is quite the flamboyant type of man. When the beam from William’s flash light fell on him, he got rather confused. Thinking that had been transported to perhaps a Bar of Some Sort, he began dancing and shaking and singing like a Vegas ShowGirl. Right there on the beach! William became so embarrassed of his servant (the innocent beach-goers were staring afterall!) that he quickly diverted the beam away. But the damage had been done. Everyone on the beach had seen Randall’s shocking performance-in fact, the growing crowd began to clap and beg for more! Randall, never one to pass up an opportunity to “shake it”, happily obliged. Meanwhile, William, out of embarrassment and hunger decided to renew his snail search.

This became a Parting of Ways. Randall was offered a record deal on the spot by a very prestigious label and gladly accepted. He would finally be moving to Texas, where he could dance and sing in a variety of famous shows-the lights, the crowds, the costumes! Oh, he could hardly wait to start his new life! Randall’s greatest triumph was the day he stepped into those leather chaps for the first time.

And what of William? William left the comfort of his father’s royal house to pioneer a new colony for people who believe in eating escargo for optimal nutrition. William and Randall see each other occasionally now and then, to rehash their tales over a lovely bowl of snails.

The End.

2 Year Anniversary (just a week late!)

Better late than never, right?

Kevin and I have had 2 great years together. I’m so thankful for him-he’s my best friend and a wonderful daddy, and I could just go on and on 😛 Here’s some pics from our wedding day for your viewing pleasure.

We made it.

Thank GOD I am home. What a weekend! Quick highlights-Sophie screamed, nice wedding (it only misted, not rained), Sophie screamed some more, got poop on my hand, nice reception (really strange DJ, but the food was good, it was fun), Sophie screamed, I cried out of frustration, Kevin put The Screamer to bed, had a blissfully quiet ride home (thank GOD she slept).

An extra note on the “Kevin put The Screamer to bed” part-My husband is wonderful. I was in tears in the car because I couldn’t take her screaming and the windows were open (an attempt at white noise to calm her), the radio was waaay up (to try to drown out her noise), and I was getting a headache. I told him that as soon as we got to the hotel I was going to take a shower. He brought her in, got her all ready, came into the bathroom to tell me that she was fine and he was just getting her down so I could “just stay in there and relax”. I then spent the remainder of my shower thinking about how much I love him and how wonderful he is to Sophie and I. What a good Daddy and husband we have!

When I got home, I quickly changed Sophie, grabbed some pasta sauce, and headed over to Becky’s for lunch. Her man was running the relay too so we were both “runner’s widows” for the rest of the day. It was nice to relax over there for awhile, chat, and let Sophie get back to being her smiley self. I’m not sure what was wrong with her while we were up north, but it seemed like every time we put her in her carseat she was very upset, which made the traveling unbearable. Thankfully, today she has been heavenly 🙂 I’m glad my baby is back to her old happy ways.

I really hope I don’t go crazy this weekend.

Here’s the jam-packed agenda:

Today: Kevin leaves for North, work, soccer game, packing
Tomorrow: To Brighton, running 12 MILES (please pray for me), shopping, and driving North
Saturday: Houghton Lake fun family day with Kev and Sophie and wedding
Sunday: Sophie and I drive home, lunch/afternoon hangout with Becky and the boys, Kevin comes home that night

Kev is doing the Great Lakes Relay so he has to drive separately and go up today. I’m just a lil stressed about a full few days away from home-Sophie’s first true “trip”, and having to drive all by myself (well, I’ll be with Sophie, but she’s not a great traveling companion as she either sleeps or cries the whole way. Let’s hope she sleeps.) Ahh! Well, I’m sure we’ll get some great pictures out of the deal for me to post in my Monday “weekend update”. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sophie is 4 months old!

Actually, the big day was yesterday, but I didn’t get on blogger yesterday so here it is! She: rolls both ways, enjoys her jumparoo, “talks” constantly, sticks out her tongue, listens to stories and looks at the pictures, tries to scoot after a toy, loves to cuddle, loves baths, sleeps wonderfully, sucks her thumb, is a happy girl 🙂

I love you, SweeetPea!

Out of the blue…

I’m here at work, which is exactly where I am usually not on a Friday, and all of a sudden I’m transported in my mind to a large flea-market in Zambia. It was outside of this little mall, where we ate hamburgers and french fries and drank Fanta. It was in a parking lot. There were many stalls, it was pretty large. There were people sitting on blankets, spread out on the asphalt, displaying their carved bowls and jewelry. There were “walls” set up so vendors could display their wall hangings, rugs, paintings on cloth. More jewelry. I don’t think I bought anything at this market. I remember talking with some tourists from Michigan. On the other side of the world, at flea-market, in a crowded parking lot, amidst jewelry, paintings, bowls, purses-I met people from Michigan.

How small (how big?) can this world really be?

Say it, don’t spray it-

I want the news, not the weather. This post is going to have absolutely nothing to do with the title. I’m okay with that.

This weekend was fantastic. Friday we ran with the Goods, then went to their house for a pasta dinner. YUM and FUN. That night we enjoyed the fireworks at Cascades with the Tates and Josnelly and family. Sophie slept through the first part of the fireworks, but woke up about halfway through. She was wide-eyed with wonder. It was really cool to see her experience the fireworks for the first time-she loved them! Saturday, we went to Brighton where I ran my long run (10 freakin miles, baby!) with Steph, who is amazing and did the WHOLE THING with me! It was so nice to have someone to talk to on my looooong looonnng run, rather than spending those 2 hours by myself. We had a cookout with the neighbors and swam in the pool. What a great day. Sunday-went to church, had lunch, and then the three of us headed over to Lime Lake to do our running. Kevin said he felt amazing, which is great because he’s been battling aches and pains for so long now. Sophie napped in the jogger, making it a peaceable run for me. Kevin made some excellent chicken fajitas for dinner that night too. I love weekends with lots of family togetherness, and that’s what I got this past weekend. My, my, what an informative paragraph.

I cannot believe that Sophie is almost 4 months old. In some ways it seems like she’s been part of our family forever, yet in other ways it seems like only yesterday that we brought her home. She has changed so much from the tiny newborn she once was. I love being her mom and watching her experience new things. Like the fireworks or her jumparoo. It’s hard to explain how happy it makes me to see her happy. When she laughs at our silly faces or smiles when we talk to her, oh! It just melts my heart! She’s more beautiful than I ever could have imagined her to be. When I was pregnant, I constantly wondered what she would look like, what she would be like. She’s so much MORE than I ever dreamed and the picture I had of her just keeps getting fuller and brighter. Does that make sense?

I bought a little notebook because I’ve been sort of keeping a mini journal of her days. Not everyday, just sometimes, to make note of when she does new things. I’ve been writing them down, one sentence “updates” in a different notebook, but I finally got a special one that I’ll have just for her. Since we don’t have a baby book, this will sort of take the place of that. It’ll be cool to look back in a year and say “oh look! one year ago you rolled over for the first time!” or something like that.

Jumparoo and Sophie Too!

Let me begin by telling you how proud I am of myself for assembling this thing on my own without a single tear of frustration. Or braking anything. It was easy! I was so itching to get a Jumparoo for Sophie, mainly because she is such a mover now that it’s hard to keep her entertained on the floor. If we put her on her play mat, she flips over and a) looks up at the toys for about 2 minutes before trying to bury her head on the floor or b) goes straight to burying her head or c) rolls and rolls and rolls again so that she’s halfway across the room. Since I give her plenty of floor time to practice her scooting skills, she still needed something to play in so that she wouldn’t get frustrated. So voila-jumparoo!