Because I just had to know…

I’m totally copying Melanie on this one…sorry. I was curious about my personality type so I took the facebook quiz. I’d have to agree with you Mel, this one was way more concise and QUICK than answering the 4234893472384730472304 questions in PSY101.

I’m ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment)

You are warmhearted, conscientious, and cooperative. You want harmony in your environment, and work with determination to establish it. You like to work with others to complete tasks accurately and on time. You are loyal and follow through even in small matters. You notice what others need in their day-by-day lives and try to provide it. You want to be appreciated for who you are and for what you contribute. Famous people with your ESFJ personality include: Bill Clinton, Sally Field, Danny Glover, Terry Bradshaw, Mary Tyler Moore and Nancy Kerrigan.

…at least my personality type is not like Tonya Harding…

I’ve about HAD IT with people.

Well, since it’s almost Wednesday again, I figure I better update this beast so we don’t have two Wistful Wednesdays right in a row.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate driving in downtown Jackson? If not, I’ll say it now: I hate driving in downtown Jackson. There are just so many oblivious people. SERIOUSLY. I had to break about 5 times for random pedestrians who decided to walk right into the road, in front of oncoming traffic (that would be me!). One guy, no joke-had soccer shorts pulled up to his mid-chest, and tall ref socks, huge headphones attached to a portable CASSETTE tape player, just decided to stop walking altogether in the driveway to my work parking lot. Just lookin around…Yeah, he got a honk. GET A CLUE. I’m not an angry driver, in fact, I’d consider myself a good deal more patient than many drivers I know. However, when the same scenario replays itself day after day after day…well, I start to lose it!

An update on all the crap from yesterday: I’m not going to get into the details on here, but the police picked up the shirt I was wearing yesterday to try to get any DNA off of it. It’s a stretch for sure, and I think at this point catching the guy is a bit of a lost cause. I’m just PISSED and I will not be running out there by myself in the future. If you’re lost on what I’m talking about here, feel free to facebook message me and I’ll fill you in. Well, I’ll fill you in if I know who you are. Random people reading my blog will probably not be filled in…

Oh, and some of the students here at work are driving me batty! This one lady went around to everyone last week asking for money, and then today asked if we could donate our pop cans and bottles to her church youth group. It’s really not her fault, but after my experience yesterday I’m not willing to believe the best about people at this point.

This is such a Debbie Downer post….happy happy, what can I write about that is happy?

Kev made some delicious chicken on the grill last night and then we went over to the pool. Sophie had a lovely time in her stroller, and since we were the only ones there I even helped her stand on the top step to put her toes in. She’s so stinkin cute.

Randi, there’s a nice Jon & Kate overview from last night on that blog I linked you. Check it out.