Worms for Sale

When I was running the other day, I saw in front of me two kids stooped on the edge of the path. I thought to myself, “where is the mom of these kids? sheesh, doesn’t she know that a woman was just attacked out here?” But then I remembered that not everyone thinks of that kind of stuff, and that this portion of the path goes basically through some backyards, and surely these kids must have lived in one of those houses. So, as I approached I could see that there was a little girl, maybe 5 years old, holding a sign. There was a boy, sitting on the ground, holding a yucky-looking jar. I was totally curious. I said to the girl, “what does your sign say?” (The writing was in pencil, I couldn’t read it easily). She said, in that cute way that little kids can, leaving out their r s “Woooms fo’sale! Would you like to buy some woooms!?” Uh…I don’t have any money with me? (true) No thanks? I would never in a million years purchase a worm? There is not a pond anywhere near here…no one to use those worms to fish with? Good luck with your business endeavors?

At least they were cute. I hope someone bought one measly worm from them.