Wistful Wednesday : A Servant

Not sure what happened for the date on my previous entry, because I most certainly did not do my “Wistful Wednesday” post on Thursday! (Oh, and Mel, this isn’t me doing “Not Me Monday” (or Tuesday, as the case may be), I’m being serious!)

Anyway, it seems like all I blog these days are Wistful Wednesdays. I have some catching up to do. BIG TIME.

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Ok, I’m sure the title has got you intrigued so here I go: For this week I would wish for a servant (I’d pay them a fair wage of course). Just someone to cook for me, clean up the dishes, clean the apartment really well, go grocery shopping for me, laundry, tackle the endless pile of diaper laundry, return my library books. I know that this is silly-my apartment is not very big (cleaning is no big deal), Kevin helps with dinner and dishes and grocery shopping, the library is about a half mile away, and I really don’t mind doing diaper laundry (it’s actually my favorite kind of laundry to do because it’s fun to stuff them!). But still, I’d just like a break from all of that, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you like to walk in the door to dinner made? And then just get to play with the baby while the dishes magically get done, laundry already in the washer?

I know, this is my worst Wistful Wednesday yet. So please, post your own Wistful Wednesdays if you’d like-post your link in the comments!


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