These past weeks have gone by so quickly. It seem to me that summer was just here, and then it was gone in a twinkling of an eye. Today is so blustery and rainy that I have kept the blinds closed so I don’t have to look at it. Isn’t that sad? Sophie and I have spent the morning here in the apartment. My parents are on their way to pick us up, as we’re all venturing down to Indiana to see Steph’s game vs. Bethel. I’m excited to watch the game and I’m praying that the weather will clear up. My dad told me it was supposed to. Let’s hope he’s right.

I just got a little crazy in the kitchen. I made lunch, cleaned up the dishes. Normal. Then I decided to make Sophie some baby food. Here’s the crazy part. I got out my adorable babycook, and added some broccoli. Then some frozen peas. Then I noticed that we had some frozen mixed veggies in the freezer too. So I added some of those (carrots, corn, peas, green beans). So now that’s all steaming away together and will all get pureed when it’s done. Let’s just say, I hope she likes it! I shall call it Veggie Mash. Another note on the food front: Sophie has been chowing down on applesauce like it’s her job. She loves it!

I’m reading my Bible again. I have not consistently read my Bible in over a year. Maybe two. It’s been a long time. What happened was this: I used to read my Bible every night before bed. Then I got married and I had a whole other person to incorporate into my routine. We brush our teeth and such, say goodnight. Now I can’t very well leave the light on to read while he’s trying to sleep. And to read my Bible in another place is silly (in my mind) because in my bed, before I go to sleep is where and when I read my Bible. So, it went unread and truth be told, I didn’t miss it. But then all of a sudden I did. So now, I read in my comfy chair while Sophie is napping or Kevin is on the computer at night after Sophie is in bed. A new routine that works for everyone!

In addition to my Bible, I’m also reading John Grisham again. I lurve him. Right now I’m reading The Firm, and it is totally awesome. After all these artsy-smartsy book club books, I fast-paced legal thriller was just what I needed. So, if you are in the market for a good read The Firm is it!