Separation Anxiety

I maintain that being a mom up to this point has been pretty easy because I got lucky. I got a baby that sleeps. I got a baby that has a generally happy temperament. It’s easy to make her smile and laugh, easy to engage her in a book or toy. She’s content to be taken out in public-she’s “portable”. Sure, we’ve had some fussy times and long nights, but overall it’s been easy, until now.

The kid is glued to me. She won’t let me out of her sight. If I walk away, if only for a second, she cries. If I’m making dinner and Kev is trying to play with her, she cries until I come over. Here’s a story two days in the making:

Yesterday she woke up before my shower so I had to put her in her bouncer in the bathroom while I hopped in. She screamed the whole time because I was behind the curtain and she couldn’t see me. It was a miserable shower, to say the least. Not like the refreshing wonderful post-Jillian Michael’s workout shower that I desperately deserved. Flashforward to this morning. She woke up again, after my workout and before my shower. Great. I put her in her bouncer, preparing myself for a repeat of yesterday when a thought dawned on me. I could bring her in the shower with me. Oh how I wish I had stopped that thought right there, told myself I was stupid, and settled for the fussing and crying for the bouncer. But noooooo, that is not what I chose to do. Being the loving mama that I am, I followed through with that though. Yikes.

I undressed her and we got in. She was okay. I washed my face with one hand. We’re doing fine. I go to wash my hair-difficult with one hand, but do-able. I go to rinse my hair. Hmmm. Perhaps if I set her down she’ll be fascinated by the drain and I can continue my shower with both hands? I set her down-and for approximately 1.5 seconds all was fine. And then she realized that I was not holding her. And then there was screaming. Loud screaming. In a stand up shower (showers have great acoustics!). I strained to listen above the screaming because I was sure that there would be a knock on our door, some kind neighbor who would be wondering just what the sam-hill was going on in here. So I picked her up again. And had to put her down a few more times in order to rinse and whatnot. Each time she went down there was crying. Loud crying. Suffice to say, this was one of the speediest and suckiest showers of my life.

(Note: Where I set her down there was NOT a bunch of water pouring on her face. I’m not a mean mama!)

Anyway, once we got out I lotioned her up and she was all smiles. Silly girl can’t get enough of her Mama.

Which is why, I’m blogging like this:

2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. The look on both you guys' faces is hilarious. I'm sorry. :)This will pass, I promise! I was mean and just let Maya fuss it out-but I know it's so different with everyone. I have a friend, though, who took showers with her son till he was well past 1 (or just didn't take them at all) because he would just scream…

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