Have I mentioned lately how much I love Macs?

I spent time everyday last week on the phone with the help desk, trying to get the computer in the student lounge to work. They switched it out, fixed it, and brought it back today. Come to find out, that it is NOT FIXED. It is not connected to the network (so no internet), it does not have Office on it (so students can’t use it to write/print their papers) and it’s not hooked up through the network to the printer. I’m so sick of that stupid thing.

At least the copy machine works or else I may just LOSE IT!!!

I can say honestly, from the depths of my soul: I loathe PCs and I love Macs. Simple as that.


4 thoughts on “Have I mentioned lately how much I love Macs?

  1. Everyone says that and I don't get it! All the icons of the programs are on the bottom of the screen! How is that hard? You're silly 😛

  2. People are scared of macs because they were raised on PCs.Also the same reason some people have trouble on macs. They overthink everything because it wasn't so simple on a PC. They ask you for help and you push one button and they go "Oh is that it?"lol

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