Old Posts

Have you ever gone back and read your old blog posts?

With this move over to WordPress (it’s a work-in-progress) I ended up going back and reading a handful of posts from last summer/fall. Posts from early in my pregnancy and when we found out that Sophie was Sophie. It’s strange looking back, knowing now where I am. I am a much different person than I was a year ago-heck, I’m a MOM now! But it’s not like how it used to be when I’d go back and read my old journal entries when I was a kid-I actually enjoyed this flashback. I could remember what I was feeling and thinking, I can remember those days and the events quite clearly. I’m glad I wrote them.

So-when you think your writing is uninteresting because you’re just chronicling your day, or if you think what you have to say isn’t even worth committing to paper the World Wide Web, THINK AGAIN! I’m learning that even if your blog is just for your own benefit, it’s certainly worth it. I know I’ll be appreciating all this documenting of Sophie’s baby days (just an example) when she’s a squirrelly delightful middle-schooler 🙂



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