Well there I go again…(update on us)

going a whole week in between posts. I really am becoming quite bad at this. I used to be a good blogger-good Lord, what did I have to talk about? I believe my level of blogging is directly proportional to my level of running, by the way. When I’m running, I think. And when I think, I write in my head. And then when I get back from a run-voila! I’ve got a blog post all cooked up for you. But, I don’t run very much lately-so I don’t blog very much lately. Just the way it goes, I guess.

News on The Sweetie:
I cannot believe how quickly she is changing-particularly in the area of language development. I read that girls are often more developed in language and boys develop more quickly in physical skills as babies. I guess I’d see this to be true-Sophie is a huge babbler, understands 10ish signs, and has signed 3 different signs to us. In the past week I’d say she’s gone from random baby babble to truly imitating sounds of words that I say. For example, if I say “all done!” she’ll say something like “ba nonnn!” with the same intonation. It’s cool! Also, she’s been saying “Mama” and “Dada” (in equal frequency!)directed at the correct person. It’s just awesome to look at her and to think,“hmmm, a week ago you couldn’t do that!”. It’s like every second connections are being made in her brain, so I talk to her constantly and show her as many new things as I can. We got out some little stacking/nesting cups today and those kept her content for a solid half hour. They’re brightly colored, different shapes, and obviously delicious to the taste (hehe!).

News on Me:
I’m doing the 30 Day Shred. I don’t really have weight to lose but I do have some toning to do-especially in the stomach area! So my workout mantra is: Jillian Michaels never had a baby. Jillian Michaels never had a baby. Haha! It’s fun though, and I like the challenge of doing it everyday. I made up a little chart 🙂

I’ve also been going to church on Wed. nights for the service. I go to Lenny’s for dinner and then go to church alone. I really like these evenings that I have to myself and I think it’s great that it gives Kev and Sophie some time to play and bond together without me there.

News on Kev:
Kev’s been running every night. He’s really dedicated and is losing some pounds 😛 It’s so silly to say because he’s been such a skinny runner his whole life, but I know he’s been a bit self-conscious about his gain and it’s coming off. He’s also set a goal of running the Detroit Marathon next October. I’m proud of my man!

Our car broke down on Thanksgiving. It looks like we’re facing some major repair bills, which sucks. We have an emergency fund for just such an unfortunate occasion though, and my parents have said that they want to pay for some of it. I’m so grateful to them for their generosity and for Kev who is all about Dave Ramsey and set up our emergency fund. Sophie and I are in good hands.

We had a great Thanksgiving with my grandparents. They were SO excited to see Sophie again and were completely content to spend the day sitting on the couch watching Sophie scoot around on the floor. I had about a 2 HOUR convo with my dad’s parents, which was great. I really try to treasure each moment I have with them. All four of my grandparents are overall pretty healthy, but they are all approaching 90. I just don’t know how much time I have left with them and I want to make it all count. I love them all and I can’t imagine what will happen when they’re gone. It makes me very sad to think about losing any of them-they are all such wonderful people. Here’s a picture from the day:


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