What should I do on my day off?

Why, I shall blog of course!

Next to me on my desk is a recent letter from my grandma. She’s old-like 85+ old. I am one of the only people I know that still has all four of my grandparents. And they are all old. Like 85+ old. She writes:

“….dear dear Sophia! The photo booklet is wonderful and we have shown it off to anyone who will look at it too! You did a masterful job on your writings and the completion of it. You must continue to keep us informed on all Sophie’s progress. Is her tooth showing now?”

She wrote this on 1/19. Why haven’t I written back yet? They are SO proud of Sophie, they love to just sit on the couch and watch her play on the floor. Even when she was only a few months old and just laid there looking at toys, they liked to sit around and watch her look at toys. All of my grandparents do this. They are so amazed. I can feel how proud they are of me and my beautiful daughter-how much they love to see us, even if we aren’t really doing anything. So today, I shall write back to my grandma! Unfortunately, I don’t have any good pictures printed out to include, but maybe I’ll take a swing up to Meijer to make a little photo page for them. Yes, I will. Once Sophie is awake from her nap.

My only other plan for the day is getting over to Becky’s at some point to run on the treadmill.


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