Bored at work (again!)

Ah, yes, another day with not much to do. I opened some boxes of books and organized them on my shelves, did a few odds and ends, and voila-I did actual work for a grand total of about 15 minutes.

There’s a lot of snow in the parking lot outside my window. A lot. But not as much as there is out east. It’s weird-I’m jealous of them! I like the snow as long as it’s not bitterly cold and windy. It’s the wind here in MI during the winter that really gets me. It nips at my cheeks. But just plain piles and piles of snow, schools closed, towns shut down, stores sold-out of shovels, yeah-I could handle that.

It would give me a great excuse to stay in pajamas and my glorious slipper boots, sipping hot chocolate (or coffee), playing with Sophie, reading while she naps, etc. Not that I really need an excuse to do those things-that’s a typical morning around our apartment. Except I don’t read too much at home anymore. Not sure why. I have become pretty addicted (once again) to playing Monopoly on the ipod. Oops!

Kev and I have (almost for sure) decided to sell my laptop and his ipod and purchase an iPad when it comes out. Excited! I’m very excited for the e-book feature. As much as I like the actual feel and texture of a real book, e-books are cheaper. And think how cool I’ll be while reading them on my iPad. In Panera. With my hot chocolate. You know…since I go there all the time by myself…because I have loads of free time…ha ha ha.

Sorry, this post went downhill fast. Like a sled.


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