Sophie’s steps, on video! :)

Happy 4th of July!

Here’s Sophie shortly before the fireworks began. There were lots of kids running around us and she SO badly wanted to join them! Little did we know then that she’d be walking just 3 days later. She fell asleep about 5 minutes before they began and slept through the entire show.

First steps!

You know what’s sad? How infrequently I blog. That’s what’s sad. Once upon a time, I was a regular blogger. Like…the “every day” kind of blogger. Or at least the “every-other-day” kind of blogger. Now I’m like a “once or twice a month” kind of blogger. Well, such is life. It ebbs and flows, does it not?

I have news! Thus the reason for my post today. Sweet Sophie took 3 little steps yesterday. I set her up on her feet in the middle of the floor (to “practice”, as we like to say) and she took 3 steps to the couch. I was so proud of her! Kevin’s mom and I were cheering so loudly. Kevin was upstairs and he came down right away, rightly assuming that we were cheering because Sophie had taken some steps. She did it an hour or so later too, but Kevin missed that too!

Today before daycare, Sophie and I did some more practicing and she really caught on. She took about 6-10 steps in a row from the center of the room to her little play table. And then she did more in our bedroom to get to the folded blankets that she likes to play on. And then she did some more in her bedroom to get to her toys. It was great! I’m hoping that spending the day at daycare with a few other new walkers will give her some motivation and confidence.

She looks so cute when she toddles, her little arms up for balance and her legs so straight and stiff. I’ll try my best to get it on video.

YAY! We have a WALKER!