Sophie says what? 18 month edition.

I thought it’d be fun to compile a list of all the words Sophie currently says.

Mama, Di-da (daddy), Mimi (grandma), Nana (other grandma), Papa, bye bye, bath, dog, bubble, stinky, hot, bird, book, tree, eyes, nose, beep!, ear, teeth, toes, bow, knee, GiGi (Curious George), out, shoes, snack, down, house, hush!, blue, baby, puddle, bah-bah-bye (butterfly), milk, ball, hi, brush, geez (veggies), cheese, butter (almond butter), please, more, toot, bee, whale, acorn, duck

Combos: Wassat?, out now, down now, more please

Signs: More, Please, Mommy, Eat, Milk, and Crab (this one makes me laugh!)

Her receptive language is awesome. She can follow directions (when she wants to!) She can help me do tasks, like putting clothes into the dryer, stuffing diapers, and putting clothes into her dirty clothes basket. She loves learning new words and signs and will usually repeat when I tell her a new word. A lot of these words have been new in the past month or so. Language explosion! I love it 🙂


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