Rainy, fall day.

It’s finally starting to feel like fall around here. Overcast, rainy, chilly. I was beginning to wonder if fall had forgotten about us. If not for the gorgeous colors, you’d think fall had skipped over MI altogether.

Like I said, it’s raining today. Just steadily misting. There’s no one eating outdoors at Lenny’s, no one walking happily through the parking lot.  I’ve been waiting for the cooler, dim days of fall. 80 degrees in mid-October just feels odd to this Michigander. This afternoon, I ordered my coffee hot.

I’ve been spending these days reading. I’m about 75% through my first Kindle book-The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I love his writing style. He uses crisp, poignant sentences. It’s about a pre-teenage German girl in Nazi Germany. She steals books. I like.

Sophie is 19 months old today. Where has my baby gone? She’s talking so much. We hear new words every day and even some two and three word phrases. It’s so exciting to see her learn new things and hear her language develop. She’s walking smoother and has started to climb. She loves to look at books and “read”. And boy, oh boy, she gets prettier everyday!


One thought on “Rainy, fall day.

  1. i totally know what you’re saying about this crazy October weather. it has been crazy. i seem to remember playing a game in the snow one October in college . . .

    and . . . next time i see you, i want to see your kindle too! 🙂

    it was great to see both you and sophie the other day. you guys are both great!

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