This month is sure to be insane.

Well, plans for buying the house are still underway. This week we are working on getting all the documents together to get our loan approved. It’s stressful. Our “bank guy” emailed Kevin a detailed list of everything we need. It’s overwhelming, but it will all be worth it when we’re in our new home.

As if buying a house weren’t enough, we’re going to Florida next week. Kevin has a conference for work in Orlando Sunday-Wednesday, so Sophie and I are taking him to the airport on Sunday morning. I have to work Monday and Tuesday, and then I fly out on Wednesday. We’ll be there together for the rest of the week and come home on Sunday. Sophie will be staying with her grandparents. I’m so excited for a break from the norm, but this is just not the greatest time to go on a vacation. We had no idea when we planned this trip that we’d be in the midst of buying a house.

Our closing on the house is set for Nov. 20. Steph’s graduation is that same afternoon. After the ceremony, we’ll be heading out to Brighton to celebrate with all of my grandparents. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and I’m so happy and proud of Steph. It’s just a very looong day for us!

Once we close on the house, we’ll need to do a few things before moving in. We have a few rooms picked out that we want to paint and a door needs to be put in at the basement stairs. Then of course is the actual moving process. Moving does nothing but stress me out but I’ve been telling myself over and over: This is the last time you’ll have to move. The last time to pack and unpack. The LAST time.

Sophie has been busy too:


2 thoughts on “This month is sure to be insane.

  1. wow, that is A LOT to have on your plate right now! I would probably be stressed. Ok, I would DEFINITELY be stressed. But Kevin would tell me to relax and that everything will be ok..and low and behold it would be. 🙂 Maybe it’s the PERFECT time for a vacation, who knows!

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