Reading in 2010: Happiest Toddler on the Block

This one took me a long time to get through, mainly because I started it shortly after Sophie turned one and I didn’t really need to apply any of the strategies. So I read slowly. I just finished it last week, and I gotta say that I think I liked it. Sure, there were a few things that sounded strange to me (such as the Caveman-speak) but it all made sense.  If nothing else, it gave me a sneak-peak into the mind of my little toddler and has given me some tools to deal with the tantrums (which are starting and are getting worse!)

Right now, our main method of discipline is redirection. If she’s doing something she shouldn’t be, I tell her firmly “no”. If she continues, we just go and play in another room. This usually still works for us, but sometimes it leads to a tantrum. If she’s tired or hungry, I’m understanding and either give her a snack or put her to bed. But if she’s just being unreasonable, then I say something like “ouch! your loud angry voice hurts my ears! you find your nice voice and I’ll be right back”. This is basically the method that Dr. Karp advocates (kind ignoring). I withdraw my attention for about 30 seconds and as soon as she ends her tantrum I give her the attention again.

This is just one of the many items from the book. Some of the methods I see working better for older toddlers (like losing a privilege). Overall I was pleased with the book, and I feel like it was on-par with my own parenting instincts (I felt similarly to his Happiest Baby on the Block).


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