New name

You may have noticed I changed the name of my blog. I got bored with the old one. And I didn’t feel as though I were having adventures everyday anymore.  “Everyday Adventures” was just felt outdated. It applied to a time in my life when I used to go running every day, enjoying the sunshine, reading in the park, long walks with friends. Back when I was unmarried and not a mom. Life is different now-it’s better and richer and fuller. It’s sunnier and brighter.

So, “Sunny Days” it is. I thought about it for awhile. I wanted a name that spoke of my outlook on life-at least, the outlook I want to have. I want to be the person that finds the silver lining. I want to tell good, encouraging stories, not because I want to brush over the bad, tough stuff, but because I want the sun to shine through.

I’m doing this new thing where I’m practicing thankfulness in everything. I’m looking for the bright side. Things are good now, and I’m so thankful. My family is good. My house is good. We have everything we need, and I am thankful.


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