Potty Learning

It has now been a week since we shed the diapers and introduced Sophie to the ways of underwear. What a week! I have cleaned up many precious little puddles from the carpet than I care to count. We’ve also had a lot of success-many cheers and high fives and M&Ms (potty treats!).  It’s definitely a process, but I’m glad that the first week is over. She has been holding it until she about to burst, and only gives us about a 3 second warning before it’s coming down her leg. I almost think she’s testing us to see if the diapers are coming back. We’ll still use them for overnight & naps, but when we’re home and she’s awake-it’s undies only from here on out.

Yesterday was her first time in undies at daycare. It went about how I expected- a couple of accidents and no pee in the potty. That’s okay. The bathroom is further away at daycare, so she’s going to have to learn to give her teachers more of an advance warning.

I’m so proud of Sophie and how far she’s come in just a week. She’s such a smartie, I knew she’d catch on quickly!


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