Some of you may know this about me. Others may not. But here’s my confession for the world to read: I am a complete and total blog follower. To the max. My blogger reader tells me that I am currently following 65 blogs. That’s a lot! So I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you!

My interests cover a wide range of topics and blog styles, so I’ll try to incorporate a variety for you. Hopefully, you’ll find something new!

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There’s more. Lots  more. This is just a sampling. Enjoy!


I’m a total blog-slacker, so I’m just going to say a bunch of things at once.

I feel as though I haven’t written a real post in awhile. I’m sorry. Just not too much going on. Sophie is growing, I’m back at work, the weather is pretty nice…same stuff! Let’s see what random tidbits I can dig up in the 20 minutes I have left at work.

Mr. Creeper is so loving that I’m back to work. He’s up to his old tricks-standing at my window…looking at me…making incredibly awkward conversation. He told me I should go to this concert on Tuesday night at SAU. I told him “no thank you, Tuesday is Turkey Chili and Biggest Loser night”. He then asked me if I thought he should go on the Biggest Loser. This guy is overweight, so of course I think he should. I just shrugged my shoulders and said “if you want to”. Could I make it any more obvious that I’m not real interested in talking to him…? I don’t want to be mean. Please, Mr. Creeper don’t make me be mean.

Never attempt to put a headband on my baby.

I went for a lovely walk with Becky and the boys this morning. We’re having a cookout on Saturday too! I am greatly enjoying having a “mom-friend” because 1)She knows what the heck she’s doing 2)Sophie automatically has some buddies 3)She likes to exercise and 4)She’s very easy to make conversation with. As an added bonus, her husband is a runner and is already friends with Kevin. Works out nicely, doesn’t it?!

We had a staff meeting yesterday morning out in Dearborn. The meeting was okay, but the highlight of my morning was the Italian-themed potluck lunch. My co-worker Russ brought canolies. Holy-camoley, I love canolies. Someone also brought tiramisu. YUM. That’s why I always enjoy staff meetings-the food is incredible. I also get to duck out of work half hour early today so that I don’t go over on my hours.

I found this hilarious birthday card for my dad. He’s turning 50 on Monday. On the front it said “It’s your birthday! Don’t just stand there”. And then on the inside: “At least, not without some assistance”. I seriously laughed out loud in the store and knew right away that it was the winner 🙂

Sophie is such a smiley, happy baby. She can play for about an hour on her own-either on her playmat or in her bouncer chair-just smiling and laughing at the toys. It is so cute. This morning I was laying down and I held her up in the air (Superman!) and she gave me the biggest grin. I about died of happiness! She smiled AT me! I made her happy!

I’ve found a race. Kevin is going to do a 30K in August (that’s around 18 miles, folks) and so I decided I am going to do it too. I’ve been running every night this week and I’m really enjoying it. I love rediscovering old loves, and running is definitely an old flame 🙂

Speaking of rediscovering old loves, I have not used my crockpot since the move. But what shall I make? I really want to make a soup of some kind, but really anything will do. Any suggestions? If you suggest what I end up making you are automatically invited for dinner. So suggest away.

Alright, well I’m outta here! Time to go home to my loving husband and smiley baby girl!

Vital Information for your Everyday Life

First of all, there will be no vital information for your everyday life in this post. If that’s what you’re looking for, please search elsewhere. I just thought it was a cool title, and a great throwback to All That (ohhhh uh ohhhhhh)…

Friday was fun, going to the “dumpy” Soccer Zone in Lansing, then Chipotle and B&N with Di and Kara. I’m glad I went and that I didn’t let the fear of going into labor in public keep me from doing something fun. Hey, it may be the last time for quite awhile that we get to do something like that together. And I didn’t go into labor, so had I not gone I would have sat at home….

…like I did ALLLL day Saturday. Literally, I spent the entire day in the house, and it would be accurate to say that I spent ALMOST the entire day in my comfy chair. The comfy chair isn’t so comfy after you’ve been sitting in it for 8 hours. I would have loved to have gone for a walk or something, but it was pouring. So instead I played about 50 games of Monopoly on Kev’s ipod.

After church this morning, the sitting in the comfy chair continued…and it didn’t help that about 150 people on my pregnancy message board went into labor this morning. Everyone was putting up posts like “I’m off to the hospital-my water just broke!” or “I’ve been having contractions for the past hour and a half, 5 minutes apart, we’re leaving for the hospital. Wish me luck!” UGH. If I’m honest with myself I can’t be genuinely happy for these people because they were all like 37-38 weeks, and that just makes me feel like a horrible person-because how can you not be happy for someone who is about to meet their child? I’ll tell you how…when you’re overdue you are bitter!!!

So I quit the “board” for the day because it was way too depressing and broke out Kev’s ipod again. I even downloaded two new games 🙂 Around dinner time, he randomly said something about Mexican Jones (his dad’s restaurant) and we both kind of looked at each other like, ohhh that sounds good! We were both so sick of two days sitting around, waiting for this baby to decide to come out, that we decided to drive to Brighton for dinner at the restaurant. There were a bunch of accidents on 94 and it took us like 45 minutes to get three exits down, but still it was worth it just to get out of the house! And who knows, maybe the spicy food will help labor to start?!

At least I know that in a week from now I’ll have my baby 🙂

This house sold-we’re moving (and sooooon!)

This morning we found out that the house sold. Yippie! We’ve been hoping that it would, both for our sakes (the sooner we move the more money we save) but also for the sake of the owner’s. Seriously, these people needed to sell this house and we’re really happy for them that they did so quickly.

Buuutttt when it rains it pours, I guess! We need to be completely out by April 10, so Kevs’ going to call Trillium on Monday and get it all sorted out so we can start moving in the first of April. That’s in 3 like weeks! And we’re going to have a tiny newborn baby!

So Kevin and I spent some time this afternoon going through a bunch of junk in the JUNK CLOSET. We were able to consolidate down from about six boxes to one, which was awesome, freeing up a ton of boxes and helping us to eliminate some junk. Kevin said to me, “I think I have a tendency to be a bit of a pack-rat…”. I kind of gave him that look that says “Uhhh you think so?” He’s not too bad, but in reality, most of that junk was his 🙂 I did get rid of a ton of my own crap too though, to be fair. Now I’m trying to think ahead so I can start packing other things that we aren’t going to be needing in the next month or so. Obviously, a bunch of Sophie’s “big” clothes we won’t be using (unless she’s a 10 pounder, dear Lord please don’t let her be a 10 pounder!!!) Books, movies, some of our clothes, some kitchen stuff…the list goes on!

Oddly, I’m not too stressed about it. I think I’m going to go kick Kevin off the Nintendo (he just took over my game of Dr. Mario…)

It’s Finally a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

I had another non-stress test this morning, everything looked good. Quite uneventful. I did feel pretty crampy throughout the night last night and this morning, but nothing major since then. After my appointment I decided to take advantage of the warm temperature and of being in town and I walked about 3 miles at Cascades. It was warm, but kind of windy. It felt so good though.

Now the sun is out. Hallelujah! I just called Di, she gets off work at 3pm, and we’re going on another walk then. Score! I know it’s risky, but I’m going up to Lansing with Kara and Di tonight for their team’s game, Barnes and Noble, and Chipotle. Who knows if all this walking will send me into labor tonight though? Bah! But I don’t want to just pass up doing fun stuff because then I’ll be even more disappointed if I don’t have the baby. Might as well go and have fun, and if I do go into labor-BONUS! It’s only Lansing, we’d have plenty of time to get back to the hospital here and Kevin could meet us. I’ve thought it through.

Seeing the sun changes my mood completely. Hopefully it’s here to stay!

Happy Due Date to Me! Happy Birthday to Steph!

Today is my little sister’s 21st birthday! What a big girl! Hope you have a great day Steph and enjoy a “special Japanese beverage”.

Today is also my due date. Usually on my pregnancy message board ( it says “Hi Jen! You are _ weeks pregnant! Only _ weeks to go!” Today it said “Hi Jen! Today is your child’s birthday!” Deception!

Anyway, I’ve come to accept that Sophie will be late. This morning I had a non-stress test and she did great. They hooked me up to the heartrate monitor and I had to push a button every time I felt her move. I could see on the screen that every time she was moving her heart rate accelerated, which is just what is supposed to happen. So she passed the test. I have to go back on Friday, and again on Tuesday. The nurse said,

Now, the only way you’ll get out of these appointments is if you have your baby!

She also told me,

I never had the misfortune of being late. All of my babies came early!

Pin a rose on your nose.

Kevin is home sick again today. Poor guy! He was in lots of pain last night, although I was able to coax him out of bed to watch the Biggest Loser. He talked to his mom and she seemed to think he is dehydrated, so I went and got him some gatorade from the gas station. He says he feels a lot better today, so hopefully he’ll be back to his ole self tomorrow.

The sun is shining! This makes me very happy, even though it’s still cccold!


I cannot believe that I’m due this week. Wednesday. 2 days away. WOW. On the one hand it seems like yesterday that we found out that we were pregnant, on the other it seems like we’ve been waiting and getting ready for her arrival forever. Either way, I’m definitely ready to be a mommy and to hold my baby!

This week hasn’t brought too many real changes in how I feel physically. Like last week, I feel huge and uncomfortable. Sitting, standing, and laying down all hurt after about 2 minutes and I have to move (somehow I’ve been able to sleep well at night though-thank God!) In the past few days I’ve had some painful contractions here and there, nothing timeable, but definitely what I’d describe as “strong cramping”. Maybe this means something good!

Kev and I have an appt tomorrow morning. I’m pretty nervous about it because I desperately want them to tell me that I’m dilated quite a bit and should be having this baby very soon. If not, then I could be waiting another week more. And that, my friends, would not be fun. I know, I know, she’ll come when she’s ready. But come on already!

I’m happy to see the sun shining these past few days, but it is still FREEZING!!! Saturday wasn’t too too bad; Kev and I went for a walk on the path. We hadn’t been on a walk together probably since the fall so it was really fun to do that with him. Going on walks together is something we’ve always enjoyed and it’s so frustrating to not be able to do it because of the weather (yet another reason to move to warmer temperatures in the future!)

Here’s a convo I had with Kev yesterday:
Kevin: Will Sophie be able to sit up by the end of the summer?
Me: She should. Why?
Kevin: We can take her to Lake Michigan!!!

Ohh I can’t wait for that day!

We had such a relaxing weekend. Obviously we didn’t have any plans, not knowing if we would have had the baby or what, so it was nice to just hang out around the house together. Friday afternoon I went to the library before picking Kevin up from work. We used the Applebee’s gift card Friday night (yummy!) and went to Bible study in Brighton. Saturday and Sunday we just hung out at the house. I’ve taken up playing “Monopoly Here And Now” on Kev’s ipod, and I finally won on my own! YES. I also finished an “evil” samurai-sudoku, and started reading “The Language of God” that I got from the library. Ohh, and I broke out the old Nintendo too. Kev’s too scared to play Dr. Mario with me (he gets frustrated by the “pause” that happens when I get rid of a “virus” and thinks the game is unfair on 2 player…chicken…).

This is long and newsy-yet not newsy because nothing has really happened so I think I’ll spare you all the boredom and end here. This morning I’m off to Meijer and I also need to clean up around here a bit because a bunch of realtors are coming over tomorrow to look at the house. Please pray that this house sells, and that Sophie comes very soon!

No changes…

Since Tuesday’s episode in L&D, there has been no progress. My appointment on Thursday wasn’t very successful either. The midwife determined that the baby had flipped over to a “sunny-side up” position, which means she is still head down, but is facing out rather than towards my back. I hear this can make for a very long and even more painful delivery. Yikes! The midwife gave me some exercises that I’m supposed to do every day to help make the baby turn, so I’m hoping that by my appointment on Monday she’ll have gotten herself back to where she needs to be.

The midwife also told me that the baby is still pretty small and has a lot of room in there, so I could still potentially have 2 more weeks (as of Thursday). I guess it’s no good for me to be looking for every little thing as a possible sign of labor. It could still be awhile.

On Thursday I also had an appointment to get the carseat checked. I was so convinced that we had done it wrong because those directions were so confusing-but it was completely right! Go Kevin!

People were coming to look at the house this morning, so Kevin and I decided to make ourselves scarce and went to Kohls to get him some work clothes. Then we became MALL WALKERS! We only did one “lap” though, and we were walking pretty slow. We weren’t anal about sticking to the pink line and we didn’t plow anybody out of our way (like the regular mall walkers!) The main goal was to possibly stir up some labor, but I doubt that it did anything but make me tired! We wandered through Toys R Us and remembered all the toys we used to play with, and remarked at how different they were now compared to the ones we had. For example, the Polly Pockets they sell now are HUGE compared to what Steph and I played with, and Barbies look a lot different too. They have bigger heads. Kevin was extremely relieved to see that the Tonka trucks were still metal. He thought all the toys look super cheap now and kept saying, “ugh, we’ll never buy Sophie THIS”. I thought it was cute that he only wanted to buy her good quality toys! They had a train set out too, so of course we played for a little while (Kev loves trains).

Well, Kara’s on her way over (with brownie mix) and I’m itching to play some UpWords (which I do need to return to Lori…) Kara’s the only one who will play UpWords with me, so I have to take advantage of her being here!

Weekend Overview

What a weekend! Warning: This post contains a ton of pictures!

On Saturday, myself along with a bunch of Westwinds kids and parents went DOWNTOWN (Detroit) to Gleaner’s Food Bank. It was a great day! We ate lunch at Wendy’s (and I decided that I really love the crispy chicken sandwich there, but not so much the fries) and then headed to the Food Bank. It’s really a huge warehouse that stores and supplies other food pantries and charities in the area. The kids had a great time! We helped pack snack bags that would be given to local schools this week-assembly line style! I mostly helped the youngest kids in our group open up boxes to replenish the crates of snacks on the “line” for the packers. They did a great job! For the older kids I think it was very eye-opening for them to learn that there are plenty of kids who only get to eat at school. Hopefully, we’ll go back next year!

Sunday-church and shepherding. I ended up with the 5/6th grade because there were only 3 kindergarteners. I usually shy away from the 5/6th grade because sometimes I find them creepy and awkward (or is that me?) but of “church friend” of mine was teaching in the storytelling room (where the 5/6th graders were this week) so I decided to suck it up. It was fun! The kids listened to the story of the 10 lepers on cd (only one leper goes back to thank Jesus for healing him-a story on thankfulness) and then had to recreate the story in a creative way with their group. The group of four girls decided to do a puppet show, and the two boys did a theatrical re-enactment on the stage (complete with costumes from the wardrobe). Both turned out short and funny, they made me laugh.

I had started to put together our Zanzibar bouncer by myself last Friday, but had to quit out of frustration. The dang frame was not fitting together properly, and I decided to WALK AWAY before I broke anything. Kevin wrestled with the thing for awhile on Sunday, and was successful in forcing it together, unfortunately I had completely messed it up by beginning to put it together incorrectly. So we had to take the whole thing apart and start over (and I even thought I was following the directions…) Whatever. Cocoa is enjoying the bouncer now, at least until Sophie arrives!

As you can see, Kevin also put together the dresser last night. I was so excited for the dresser to get built so that I could finally get the clothes off of the floor! I did some returns to Toys R Us, Target, and Kohl’s, and with my money from the returns bought a few cute outfits (couldn’t resist),

a changing pad and cover, mattress pad and dust ruffle for the crib, and some drawer organizers. We also hung up the painting I got from my neighbor Kourtney at my shower, which matches the crib sheets beautifully! I still have one more big load of baby laundry to do (the PINK load…it’s very big) and then all of that will be done. I only feel like we really have another week or two before we enter into “waiting time”…

I’m making calzones for dinner tonight. Thank you Melanie.

Hi STEPH in Japan!

I Cannot Breathe

All day long, and actually for the past few days, I’ve been wheezing! I do have a little bit of a stuffy nose, but I think the main issue here is that there is an enormous baby pushing on my lungs!

Today I am 35 weeks. With 35 days left until my due date. 35/35! (I think that’s so cool!) Anyway, I’m hoping she comes right around 37-38 weeks. A lil bit early, but certainly full term, and then maybe I’ll get some relief breathing. Other than the breathing, I’m just feeling overall uncomfortable, slow, tired, etc. I’m very ready for this pregnancy to be done and to finally be able to hold my baby.

Kevin and I ordered the travel system last night (stroller/car seat combo) because we found one on clearance at Target and had $50 in gift cards. Pretty good deal! It’s not the same one that we originally picked out, but it’s still cute and will do the job. Once the dresser arrives I’ll have no more excuses as to why the room is not ready!

Said goodbye to Steph last night. She flies to Japan tomorrow! I’m so excited for her because I know that this is an awesome opportunity and that she has been looking forward to this trip for a few years now. But I’m sad too. I always thought that when it came time for me to have a baby that she’d be there, at least at the hospital, waiting in the hall in eager expectation. But alas, she will be on the other side of the world. That’s ok though, because when I go to meet her at the airport at the end of April I’ll have my daughter dressed up in something extremely cute and it will be a terrific first meeting for them. So-Bon Voyage Stephie! See you in April!

Kara’s coming over for LOST tonight 🙂