Some of you may know this about me. Others may not. But here’s my confession for the world to read: I am a complete and total blog follower. To the max. My blogger reader tells me that I am currently following 65 blogs. That’s a lot! So I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you!

My interests cover a wide range of topics and blog styles, so I’ll try to incorporate a variety for you. Hopefully, you’ll find something new!

API Speaks (Attachment Parenting)

Dispatches from the Island (Jorge Garia’s personal blog)

Enjoying the Small Things (parenting blog with gorgeous photography)

The Lost Diary (detailed run down of each episode of LOST)

Mckmama (parenting/photography/Christianity)

Adorkable Recipes (from Melanie!)

A Year of Crockpotting

lori-for when I’m feeling contemplative

lori times five- both artsy and contemplative

There’s more. Lots  more. This is just a sampling. Enjoy!


Sophie, we’re ready to meet you!

I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE for this baby to be born this week. I’m so ready to hold her and see her, of course, but I’m also so ready to be able to bend over, put on my own shoes without feeling like I’m about to die, breathe and walk normally, and lay on my stomach again. People always talk about the joy of pregnancy, how cool it is to have a person growing inside of you. I’d have to agree, it’s very cool to feel the baby move and to know that it’s my child in there, and that she’ll be born soon-a brand new human being! But no one ever really talks about the fact that during pregnancy you lose yourself a little, your body is no longer your own, you can’t do the normal things you used to do-like lay on your stomach to play cards, curl up into a ball to watch tv, or easily cuddle with your “other half”.

This little one has been moving almost constantly since about 8am. I’m not exaggerating either-just about the whole time. How she has so much energy (or room!) all of a sudden I have no idea, but she’s going crazy. Maybe my two Dr. Peppers from yesterday evening are finally catching up to her!

Today is deceptively cold. I was so happy to see the sun this morning, and considered a walk, but upon taking a look at I decided against it. It was like 17 degrees when I wanted to go! No thank you! I enjoyed the sunshine from the comfort and warmth of my living room.

Kara is coming over tomorrow morning to make some applesauce. Kevin said, “Can you make more this time so I can actually eat some?” I guess last time I got a little carried away and ate it all myself! This time around though we have more apples.

Ohh ohh I almost forgot: Last night I found some of these babies online ON CLEARANCE for $10. So, I bought 4. I requested “girl colors”. BumGenius all-in-ones 🙂

The snow just keeps on coming….

Yesterday it snowed ALLLLL day. Kevin went out to snowblow around 2 so that I could leave to go to Kara’s around 3:30pm. When I got home around 6:15 he told me that he had just come in from shoveling the driveway. Geez! He’s going to snowblow again this morning before we go to church. This is something that you apartment-dwellers and Californians simply never have to deal with!

Anyway, I had a lovely couple hours with Kara yesterday. We bundled up (I wore my long underwear!) and went on a snow walk all around Ella Sharp. The roads had (I think?) been plowed at some point, but there was so much snow on them still that walking was quite the challenge! Talk about a major leg/butt workout. YES! See, I DO still exercise. Just not too often…

After our walk we made hot chocolate with big marshmallows and played two terrific rounds of speed scrabble. What a perfect afternoon!

I’m really going to miss afternoons like that when my friends move away 😦

Also, I just finished the last of my homemade applesauce. It was so easy-I’m going to make it again soon. Thanks Melanie, for the great recipe!


4 weeks to Christmas!

Exactly 1 day until my FAVORITE day of the year-THANKSGIVING!

Exactly 98 days until my due date!

My dad emailed me this morning telling me to make a double batch of the green bean casserole because there are about 25 people coming to our family’s Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday. 25! Who are all these people? Where did they all come from? I know my mom’s cousin is coming with her daughter and granddaughter, so there’s 3 people that aren’t usually there. Other than that, it’s just the regular family only most everyone can make it. Usually we have a nicely sized group of around 15-but WOW. The house will be packed! Think of all that FOOOOOOODDDDD. I’m planning on breaking out my new jigsaw puzzle for the occasion (my family is puzzle crazy!). It’s “World’s Greatest Cities” from “1000 Places to See Before You Die”. The puzzle has little pictures of like 50 different cities. Should be challenging-but no match for the Thomas clan!

Can’t stop thinking about that Thanksgiving food now that I’ve mentioned it. I’m making myself hungry. I need to wait at least another hour before a eat my lunch or else I will be very hungry when I go to the grocery store after work. And everyone knows that hunger at the grocery store is bad news. I always end up impulse buying all kinds of snacks when I’m hungry at Meijer. You?

I was looking at my work calendar, trying to figure out my hours in relation to our holiday office schedule, when I realized how frighteningly soon March really is. It’s practically December now. December always flies by because of Christmas. Then it’s into January, which could go by very slowly, but then February comes and if she’s early at all then that’s when she’ll be born! My main concern is getting all the things we need in time-we have no furniture, only a couple outfits, the nursery hasn’t been painted, we need to buy a mattress, car seat, etc. Obviously, we still have months to do all of this, and hopefully we will be given some baby stuff for Christmas/shower gifts (if we have one?) but I think the nesting is perhaps kicking in. I don’t want my little girl to come home to a place that isn’t ready for her.

The vampires aren’t really drawing me in yet. I definitely would not call this book a page turner as of right now. But I’ve decided to stick this one out because of the sheer popularity of it-the same reason I stuck out “The Shack”. I want to know what all the hype is about.

20 minutes left of work…

I’m puzzled. I wrote down the passcode for my voicemail here at work, and it won’t work! I have voicemail, which is puzzling to me in the first place (who needs to speak to a secretary anyway?) so I’m curious! I’ll have to call someone over on main campus tomorrow to get this straightened out. I swear, I am the WORST when it comes to remembering passwords and such, which is why I wrote this one down. Oh well, no big deal.

I finished my book today! I HIGHLY recommend “The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes” by Diane Chamberlain if you are looking for a quick suspenseful read. I got it from the library, and wish I had actually bought this one. I bought last month’s book club pick (“The Next Thing On My List” by Jill Smolinski) and wish I hadn’t. Not that it wasn’t good, it just wasn’t a “keeper” in my opinion. This month’s pick, however, was great!

I was going to devote some time today at work to working out a menu for the next few weeks for Kevin and I. It worked out so well for the past two weeks, having a nice schedule to follow, having all the ingredients on hand because I had planned meals before going grocery shopping. I’m not sure what came over me though, because I had such a great time finding recipes and such last time, yet I have no motivation to do it today. Maybe tonight.

Tonight I think we’ll have to DVR Biggest Loser and watch “Get Smart” instead. I rented it last week and it’s due back tomorrow, but we haven’t watched it yet. I wish we had because I’d love to watch some Biggest Loser tonight. Di gave “Get Smart” rave reviews though so I doubt I’ll be disappointed!

We had an OB appointment this morning. It’s so thrilling hearing her heartbeat! If you haven’t already, check out our family website. Bookmark it!

I love Thanksgiving!

I’ll post some pictures once Kara puts them up, but we had such a great Thanksgiving celebration! Di and Kara came over around 2 and we promptly got the turkey in the oven. I was nervous, never having made a turkey myself before, but it was easy! We just oiled it up and put some season salt on it and popped it in the oven. 2 1/2 hours later-voila! Heaven! We played cards while we were waiting, and then made all of our wonderful sides. Mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and gravy. Kara brought the fixings for pumpkin pie and I also made a yummy apple treat for Kevin since he’s not a pumpkin pie fan. I also made one for Diana, but most of hers got eaten before it was baked! Anyway, good food, good friends!

At work…

and waiting for the phone to ring. It’s kind of nice to get paid to sit here and surf the internet, and only occasionally do a bit of work. I’ve already made a bunch of copies on cardstock to make nametags, addressed a stack of envelopes to get sent out to new students, got some big envelopes ready for instructor evaluations, and transferred whatever calls have come in (not many). It’s nice and quiet around here, and I have a big window for the sun to shine through (it was raining, but now it’s sunny!), so all in all I’m a happy camper.

Kevin and I went out to Applebee’s AGAIN last night. That would be two nights in a row! We had some flyers for Applebee’s to donate 10% of our bill to the youth group at Westwinds, so we figured we had a good excuse. We even had the same waitress, which was pretty funny. She gave us our pops for free since we are such committed Applebee’s patrons. That we are 🙂

Since I actually have to cook tonight I’m thinking that I’m going to whip up some biscuits and sausage and eggs. I love eating breakfast for dinner. YUM. On I found the recipe for “Red Lobster Biscuits” (garlic and cheddar biscuts) that sounds great and I think I have all of the ingredients. I think I’ll give those a try. Or I can break out the Grands. You can’t go wrong with Grands (the bbeeessstttt!)

This PC I have at work has the fattest monitor I’ve ever seen. The tower of the comp itself is small and fits nicely under my desk, but this monitor is a whopper. It’s also a PC and I’ve lost touch with PCs completely in the past few years. I’ll try to do something and end up saying to myself, “This would be so much easier on my Mac”. Oh well, obviously not everyone has seen the light yet. In time, in time.

I’m just going to keep thinking of things to write about because I don’t leave for another 2 hours and 15 min. Hmmmm…

Kev and I watched the debates last night. I’m sorry…but am I the only one who finds those pretty boring? Neither candidate truly answers the question, or they will answer the question in their first sentence, and then spend the rest of their allotted time talking about a similar point or bringing up their opponent’s past voting record. I’m sorry. I don’t care how many times so and so voted for such and such. I’m more interested in where each candidate stands on issues, and since I feel like I have a good idea of that already, the debates are a bit pointless for me. Call me unpatriotic if you will, but I know who I’m voting for and I don’t think he’s going to win anyway.

Thoughts on baby: I want to feel this baby MOVE! I keep pushing on my stomach in all different directions, but the lil child won’t budge! Maybe he/she is lazy? I go on The Bump and there are 15 week people talking about how they’re feeling their baby move. I’ve felt it a whopping 2 times! Come on, child- you have an active life ahead of you with parents like Kevin and I. Better get used to it!

I move…

for a monthly celebration of Thanksgiving! All those in favor?

I L-O-V-E Thanksgiving. That is why tonight I am making turkey and mashed potatoes. I don’t really have the time or energy to bust out a pumpkin pie, stuffing, green beans (I was going to do green beans but the ones at Meijer looked a bit old), or cranberry sauce. I bought a little turkey roast and a couple of potatoes to mash up-can’t wait!

An observation: The best day to go to Meijer is Sunday. Sunday is the day when they have all their little old lady employees handing out delicious free samples. Today I tried eggs, orange pop (which I ended up buying), and pizza bagels. There were many other stations to visit, but I actually wasn’t very hungry so I bypassed them. It’s worth putting up with the Sunday afternoon shopping crowd for some free food!

I’ve got laundry in the washer, the dishwasher going, and my turkey in the oven. I’m going to take a short walk, so I can get back to doing domestic things. As Anne of Green Gables says, “There is so much on a person’s mind when they are running a household”…or something to that effect.

The Great Chicken Fiasco

Last night Kevin declined my offer to go running together, opting instead to make dinner. I went running by myself and came home to a completely wonderful smelling kitchen, chicken and rice casserole cooking in the oven. Now, Kevin doesn’t “bake” too often. In fact, he informed me before I left for my run: I don’t bake. However, with some encouragement, he agreed and upon my return I knew he had succeeded in baking!

When the timer went off I took the casserole out of the oven, set it on the stovetop, and got a trivet. When I went to lift up the hot, deliciously-smelling casserole, the bottom completely fell out. Completely. Whoosh. In an instant, our beautiful, aromatic dinner was in a pile on the stove…atop broken glass. I just stood there, utterly confused and stunned. Had that really just happened? Had my glass casserole dish really just broken? Where those chicken breasts and rice really piled upon broken glass? Kevin came rushing in, looking just as shocked as I was. Then he rushed to get the camera (“We’re getting a free dish!”) and I began to clean up the mess. That was our dinner…now what? Applebees!