Marching on

It’s been a little hectic lately. We’ve been go-go-going every weekend for months now. It’s all good stuff; visiting grandparents, weekly get-togethers with friends, and long & fun days at mom & dad’s. I’m sure more of that is to come with pool season upon us! Coming up we’ve got another marathon of a weekend. Bible Study in Brighton on Friday night, spending the night for strawberry jam making on Saturday, leaving Sophie there to spend Sat. night while Kev & I come home, only to jet off on Sun. afternoon to Lansing for the U2 concert with Peyton & Bethany. Steph will be bringin Sophie back home on Sunday night and spending the night with her at our house, since we won’t be back until the wee hours. Mimi of course is overjoyed that Sophie gets 2 nights of sleepovers 😀

A few weeks ago we went out to visit Mom’s parents. Grandpa had found (of course) a scooter perfect for Sophie-with 2 small wheels on the back so she can balance better. She also got Grandpa to climb into the boat on two separate visits. I love these pictures of Grandpa, and they will be treasured forever!

Sidenote: I’m mourning the tragic loss of those adorable fishy shorts. They were destroyed in a devastating crayon-in-dryer accident. Despite the valiant efforts of Mom & myself to save them with WD-40, dishsoap, and oxyclean, it was not meant to be. They lived a short, but beautiful life.


In the hustle & bustle we seized an opportunity to get some professional pictures taken of our family, and I’m so glad that we did. Check out our beauty.

I’ll have to post the rest when Kev gets our internet at home up & working. He installed an update a few weeks ago that messed up the internet connection on the Mac side, so we were using the internet on the Windows side. But in an attempt to fix the problem (but it didn’t work), he reinstalled the entire operating system but hasn’t put Windows back on, thus…no internet on the computer. Thank goodness we can still access through our iPhones 🙂

Had a soccer game last night and I think I really messed up my achilles tendon on my left ankle. It’s not swollen, but it is so sore. By the end of the game, I was unable to sprint. I did score a pretty fantastic goal though, so the game wasn’t totally awash. Today I’m hobbling around and we have our regularly scheduled weekly game tonight. I’m in for a game of pain, methinks.

Well, time marches on and Sophie is changing. She’s talking in sentences now, and busting out some lines that throw me for a loop. Like this one. Here’s a replay of an interesting conversation I had with her the other day while in Meijer:

Sophie: Chocolate milk! Look, Mama! Chocolate milk!

Me: Yep, there it is. How do you know about chocolate milk? (we never buy it)

Sophie: I drank it while I was in Mommy’s belly.

What?! Where in the world did she come up with that? Truth be told, I did drink a lot of chocolate milk while I was pregnant.  I’m thinking they must have been talking about babies in Mommies’ bellies at daycare or something, but who knows. Kids say funny things and I’m sure this is only the beginning!

Ok…one more:


My Grandparents, Sophie’s Great Grandparents

In the past week, I’ve had visits with both sets of my grandparents. All seem to be doing well. My mom’s mom was experiencing some back pain, so she was walking with the help of a cane-something I’ve never seen her do before. It was a little bit funny though (even she was laughing!) because she said it didn’t hurt as much to walk backwards. So there she was, scooting around the house backwards with her cane. She cracks me up.

My mom’s dad has always been quite the treasure hunter. And by “treasure hunter”, I mean that he collects things that other people have thrown away. Over the years he’s acquired many bikes this way. Our dining table is one of his finds. Well, recently he found a Little Tykes playhouse for Sophie. He was so excited about it! He powerwashed all of the walls and pieces, and slowly-bit by bit- it is being transported back to my parents’ house for Sophie to play with.

It’s just like this, only the walls are yellow instead of pink.

I took last Wednesday off in order to see my dad’s parents as they were passing through Brighton on their way home to Traverse City. To be honest, I was expecting it to be a very sad experience, as I know that my grandpa’s memory is getting quite bad. However, I was pleasantly surprised. They were both SO excited to see Sophie and to see how much she’s changed since they last saw her (at her birthday party). We had a great afternoon!

We love them.

Sophie enjoyed playing in the grass with the soccer ball. It was such a beautiful day.

That morning Steph and I took Sophie on a run at Kensington. Kensington is one of my favorite parks. It’s wooded, and peaceful, and has a nice big lake. After we finished our run, which turned into a run/walk :), we took Sophie over to the playground and gave her a little pushing on the swings. I wish we had had the camera! Sophie didn’t even crack a smile-she was too busy staring down the boy in the swing next to her! She’s got sass.