Marching on

It’s been a little hectic lately. We’ve been go-go-going every weekend for months now. It’s all good stuff; visiting grandparents, weekly get-togethers with friends, and long & fun days at mom & dad’s. I’m sure more of that is to come with pool season upon us! Coming up we’ve got another marathon of a weekend. Bible Study in Brighton on Friday night, spending the night for strawberry jam making on Saturday, leaving Sophie there to spend Sat. night while Kev & I come home, only to jet off on Sun. afternoon to Lansing for the U2 concert with Peyton & Bethany. Steph will be bringin Sophie back home on Sunday night and spending the night with her at our house, since we won’t be back until the wee hours. Mimi of course is overjoyed that Sophie gets 2 nights of sleepovers 😀

A few weeks ago we went out to visit Mom’s parents. Grandpa had found (of course) a scooter perfect for Sophie-with 2 small wheels on the back so she can balance better. She also got Grandpa to climb into the boat on two separate visits. I love these pictures of Grandpa, and they will be treasured forever!

Sidenote: I’m mourning the tragic loss of those adorable fishy shorts. They were destroyed in a devastating crayon-in-dryer accident. Despite the valiant efforts of Mom & myself to save them with WD-40, dishsoap, and oxyclean, it was not meant to be. They lived a short, but beautiful life.


In the hustle & bustle we seized an opportunity to get some professional pictures taken of our family, and I’m so glad that we did. Check out our beauty.

I’ll have to post the rest when Kev gets our internet at home up & working. He installed an update a few weeks ago that messed up the internet connection on the Mac side, so we were using the internet on the Windows side. But in an attempt to fix the problem (but it didn’t work), he reinstalled the entire operating system but hasn’t put Windows back on, thus…no internet on the computer. Thank goodness we can still access through our iPhones 🙂

Had a soccer game last night and I think I really messed up my achilles tendon on my left ankle. It’s not swollen, but it is so sore. By the end of the game, I was unable to sprint. I did score a pretty fantastic goal though, so the game wasn’t totally awash. Today I’m hobbling around and we have our regularly scheduled weekly game tonight. I’m in for a game of pain, methinks.

Well, time marches on and Sophie is changing. She’s talking in sentences now, and busting out some lines that throw me for a loop. Like this one. Here’s a replay of an interesting conversation I had with her the other day while in Meijer:

Sophie: Chocolate milk! Look, Mama! Chocolate milk!

Me: Yep, there it is. How do you know about chocolate milk? (we never buy it)

Sophie: I drank it while I was in Mommy’s belly.

What?! Where in the world did she come up with that? Truth be told, I did drink a lot of chocolate milk while I was pregnant.  I’m thinking they must have been talking about babies in Mommies’ bellies at daycare or something, but who knows. Kids say funny things and I’m sure this is only the beginning!

Ok…one more:

Potty Learning

It has now been a week since we shed the diapers and introduced Sophie to the ways of underwear. What a week! I have cleaned up many precious little puddles from the carpet than I care to count. We’ve also had a lot of success-many cheers and high fives and M&Ms (potty treats!).  It’s definitely a process, but I’m glad that the first week is over. She has been holding it until she about to burst, and only gives us about a 3 second warning before it’s coming down her leg. I almost think she’s testing us to see if the diapers are coming back. We’ll still use them for overnight & naps, but when we’re home and she’s awake-it’s undies only from here on out.

Yesterday was her first time in undies at daycare. It went about how I expected- a couple of accidents and no pee in the potty. That’s okay. The bathroom is further away at daycare, so she’s going to have to learn to give her teachers more of an advance warning.

I’m so proud of Sophie and how far she’s come in just a week. She’s such a smartie, I knew she’d catch on quickly!


It’s amazing how a pink ball and sunshine can make my girl as happy as can be.

Dandelions bring on the smiles too.

We were just happy to be together on a gorgeous spring evening.

We planted some trees this weekend too. Here’s Sophie next to the red maple. Silly kid wouldn’t take her fingers out of her mouth!

And here’s the sugar maple planted in the backyard:

It will be fun to see these trees and Sophie grow up together.

Welcome, Spring.

Hello, Spring? Is that you?

No need to hide, Spring.  No need to be shy.

Mom told me you were in town. I got to wear my new coat, that we bought especially for you, Spring.

I sure have missed you.

I’ve missed your warm breezes in my hair.

Spring, we had forgotten how nice it feels to have your sun on my face.

Spring, you sure do make me smile!

Stay for awhile, won’t you please?

21 Months.

This is the face of a 21-monther. Cute, eh?

I can’t believe how quickly Sophie is changing. Her hair is getting longer, and so are the sentences that are coming out of her mouth. She adds new words to her vocabulary every day. She knows her colors. She knows some letters too (S, C, O, E, V, B, and sometimes A). She knows all of her body parts-including elbows (bel-bows). She can count to 2 (one, two, one, two). She’s very good at communicating what she wants with words and gestures. She’s becoming so much more like a child and so much less like a baby!

Sophie says what? 18 month edition.

I thought it’d be fun to compile a list of all the words Sophie currently says.

Mama, Di-da (daddy), Mimi (grandma), Nana (other grandma), Papa, bye bye, bath, dog, bubble, stinky, hot, bird, book, tree, eyes, nose, beep!, ear, teeth, toes, bow, knee, GiGi (Curious George), out, shoes, snack, down, house, hush!, blue, baby, puddle, bah-bah-bye (butterfly), milk, ball, hi, brush, geez (veggies), cheese, butter (almond butter), please, more, toot, bee, whale, acorn, duck

Combos: Wassat?, out now, down now, more please

Signs: More, Please, Mommy, Eat, Milk, and Crab (this one makes me laugh!)

Her receptive language is awesome. She can follow directions (when she wants to!) She can help me do tasks, like putting clothes into the dryer, stuffing diapers, and putting clothes into her dirty clothes basket. She loves learning new words and signs and will usually repeat when I tell her a new word. A lot of these words have been new in the past month or so. Language explosion! I love it 🙂

Squeezed the life outta that weekend. Part 2.

So ironic that it’s almost the weekend again, and I’m not even done talking about last weekend. I’m planning on adding the pictures to this post tomorrow, since they were taken with my Mom’s camera and I’m going there tomorrow.


We were up at the crack of dawn to head out to Brighton. Typical Saturday! What made this Saturday special was that we were going to be spending it with Kim and Allison-cousins! Sophie and Allison had a blast in the pool and scooting around the living room. I thought Sophie was a chatterbox, but man, Allison jabbers non-stop! It’s adorable! And they were adorable together! Sophie kept pointing at her and saying “bay-bee”. We laughed because, well, Sophie’s not that much bigger or older than her cousin! They are 5.5 mo. and a few pounds apart.

Kim and I had a great day together. We took a walk to help get Allison down for a nap (Sophie was down for the count in the crib). We ate lunch. We swam. We took a break for Allison’s bottle and then swam some more. Kim declared that we should get together next month, and I definitely agreed. Maybe next time we can hang out at her new pool (it was getting put in last week, and they’re doing the patio this week).

And what was my wonderful husband doing all this time? Why, he was cleaning the van, of course! Kevin took it upon himself to empty, vacuum, dust, and wash the van. What a guy! While we were packing up to go, Mom said to me, “He’s really in husband mode today!” So true, so true.

Saturday was our second, third, and fourth glass of lemonade. Fresh squeezed, sweet, and refreshing.