Welcome, Spring.

Hello, Spring? Is that you?

No need to hide, Spring.  No need to be shy.

Mom told me you were in town. I got to wear my new coat, that we bought especially for you, Spring.

I sure have missed you.

I’ve missed your warm breezes in my hair.

Spring, we had forgotten how nice it feels to have your sun on my face.

Spring, you sure do make me smile!

Stay for awhile, won’t you please?

Forego handshakes and hugs.

The swine flu thing is driving me nuts. I feel really bad that people who have died from it, but to call it a pandemic is absurd. I’m not keeping my kid home from daycare, I’m still going to go to the grocery store (and boy do I need to), and while I don’t mind foregoing handshakes, I DO mind foregoing hugs. (This was advice I received in an email from the Holton Health Center on campus). Life still needs to continue, people. They also recommended to leaving campus to avoid spreading the disease to others as a treatment option. Ummmm…?

This morning I was a total brainiac and completely forgot Sophie’s bottles in the refrigerator. We were just about to daycare and I was going to be perfectly on-time to work, but then lightning struck me (figuratively) and I remembered the bottles. So I had to jet home, sprint inside to retrieve them, and then step on it to drop her off and to get to work. It was raining too. So my hair was curly-ish (from the rain) and I was 6 minutes late. Good thing it doesn’t really matter!

We keep getting teased with spring-even summery-ish weather. When will it really be spring? Also, I’m sick of all this wind. Wind makes it difficult to enjoy a truly beautiful day because your hair blows in your face. Even when I put it in a pony-tail it flies out and into my face.

Started my next book club pick, The Reader, a few days ago. I like it. It’s weird, but intriguing. I like weird books anyway. I plan on renting this one. Di, did you see this movie?

Went running this morning with a gal from bookclub. Fun! We ended up walking a lot, but that’s ok. I’m eeeaassing back into it.

Beautiful day!

This morning I woke up with the sun shining in my window, and it made me ever so happy! Kara and I went for a run/walk for like 2 HOURS and it felt so good to be in shorts. LOOOOVVVEEE it!

Then I worked from 2-close. I’m not used to cashiering, which I became acutely aware of when my legs were screaming in pain after standing for only a couple of hours. We were busy so it went fast.

Di called me on my way home to tell me that on CNN there was a breaking news report on a raid on a polygamous community in Texas. I think the FLDS are so interesting. I would highly recommend the book “Escape” by Carolyn Jessop.

Quote that creeped me out today:
Customer: My credit card has my picture on the back. My picture doesn’t look good. I’d rather have a picture of a hot little chick like you on the back.

where to begin…

So much happening, and yet nothing is happening…same old same old. here’s some new stuff from me.

1. Where are we going to live in 3 months? Hmmm well, we have options for sure. Too many, and that’s the problem. Kevin is sure (and so am I) that he could find a job just about anywhere, but the problem is that our family is here. We don’t want to move so far that when we do have kids our parents won’t be able to have a relationship with them (or us for that matter, other than a phone relationship). But are we supposed to sacrifice what we want in order to stay close? Are we supposed to endure a winter upon winter, cold runs, brushing piles of snow off of our cars, slipping on the ice, no ocean existence forever? It’s not that I hate Michigan. I don’t. Not at all. I just know that there are other places in this country where I’d love to live, and since we are coming up on an opportunity I’d love to seize it and GO. But there are other downsides to leaving as well. For one, we’d be leaving our church here, a place where I’ve poured a lot of time, energy, and emotional investment. I’ve been a part of this new kids’ program since its conception last fall, and I’d like to think that I’m a big part of it. It would be sad to leave knowing that I’d be abandoning something that I had a hand in starting. For Kevin, he’d be leaving the opportunity to continue to be able to train with a team and to learn more about coaching. We’re taking the “let’s-wait-a-few-weeks-and-see-what-happens” approach to all of this, and hopefully then we’ll have a little more direction and more of a sense of what we want. Because we don’t know what we really WANT to do, and this is proving to be a major problem.

2. I’m reading a new book of mine entitled “Plain Truth” by Jodi Picoult, one of my favorite authors. It’s about a murder trial in Amish country. The Amish fascinate me, and her character and plot development are awesome. Seriously, I want to write like her. I just have NO idea how to go about crafting a novel, plus I have like zip ideas to go on right now. I think I need to take a creative writing class or something.

3. Lost is awesome. If I couldn’t write novels, then I’d want to write on an incredible, plot-twisting, mind-bending show like Lost.

4. I think Spring has finally broken and winter is on the retreat. God, let’s hope so. With the sun out, my mood is completely altered.

5. Kevin and I walked about 3.5 miles this morning, and then I did my long run this afternoon…which was 10!!!! That’s my longest run ever. I was running for a full 90 minutes straight, at a pretty good pace too, and I felt great. So I feel pretty confident about my half marathon, considering I still have 6 weeks of training left and I know I can already make it most of the way at a steady pace. YES.

6. Joy got my package! I’m SO happy that it got there in time for the baby to wear the clothes and for the kids to benefit from the books before their exams. Joy, come home soooon and I’ll buy you Panera!!!

7. I’m super-hungry right now and I’m out of things to put on this list. So goodbye.