New name

You may have noticed I changed the name of my blog. I got bored with the old one. And I didn’t feel as though I were having adventures everyday anymore.  “Everyday Adventures” was just felt outdated. It applied to a time in my life when I used to go running every day, enjoying the sunshine, reading in the park, long walks with friends. Back when I was unmarried and not a mom. Life is different now-it’s better and richer and fuller. It’s sunnier and brighter.

So, “Sunny Days” it is. I thought about it for awhile. I wanted a name that spoke of my outlook on life-at least, the outlook I want to have. I want to be the person that finds the silver lining. I want to tell good, encouraging stories, not because I want to brush over the bad, tough stuff, but because I want the sun to shine through.

I’m doing this new thing where I’m practicing thankfulness in everything. I’m looking for the bright side. Things are good now, and I’m so thankful. My family is good. My house is good. We have everything we need, and I am thankful.


It’s Finally a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

I had another non-stress test this morning, everything looked good. Quite uneventful. I did feel pretty crampy throughout the night last night and this morning, but nothing major since then. After my appointment I decided to take advantage of the warm temperature and of being in town and I walked about 3 miles at Cascades. It was warm, but kind of windy. It felt so good though.

Now the sun is out. Hallelujah! I just called Di, she gets off work at 3pm, and we’re going on another walk then. Score! I know it’s risky, but I’m going up to Lansing with Kara and Di tonight for their team’s game, Barnes and Noble, and Chipotle. Who knows if all this walking will send me into labor tonight though? Bah! But I don’t want to just pass up doing fun stuff because then I’ll be even more disappointed if I don’t have the baby. Might as well go and have fun, and if I do go into labor-BONUS! It’s only Lansing, we’d have plenty of time to get back to the hospital here and Kevin could meet us. I’ve thought it through.

Seeing the sun changes my mood completely. Hopefully it’s here to stay!

Happy Due Date to Me! Happy Birthday to Steph!

Today is my little sister’s 21st birthday! What a big girl! Hope you have a great day Steph and enjoy a “special Japanese beverage”.

Today is also my due date. Usually on my pregnancy message board ( it says “Hi Jen! You are _ weeks pregnant! Only _ weeks to go!” Today it said “Hi Jen! Today is your child’s birthday!” Deception!

Anyway, I’ve come to accept that Sophie will be late. This morning I had a non-stress test and she did great. They hooked me up to the heartrate monitor and I had to push a button every time I felt her move. I could see on the screen that every time she was moving her heart rate accelerated, which is just what is supposed to happen. So she passed the test. I have to go back on Friday, and again on Tuesday. The nurse said,

Now, the only way you’ll get out of these appointments is if you have your baby!

She also told me,

I never had the misfortune of being late. All of my babies came early!

Pin a rose on your nose.

Kevin is home sick again today. Poor guy! He was in lots of pain last night, although I was able to coax him out of bed to watch the Biggest Loser. He talked to his mom and she seemed to think he is dehydrated, so I went and got him some gatorade from the gas station. He says he feels a lot better today, so hopefully he’ll be back to his ole self tomorrow.

The sun is shining! This makes me very happy, even though it’s still cccold!


I cannot believe that I’m due this week. Wednesday. 2 days away. WOW. On the one hand it seems like yesterday that we found out that we were pregnant, on the other it seems like we’ve been waiting and getting ready for her arrival forever. Either way, I’m definitely ready to be a mommy and to hold my baby!

This week hasn’t brought too many real changes in how I feel physically. Like last week, I feel huge and uncomfortable. Sitting, standing, and laying down all hurt after about 2 minutes and I have to move (somehow I’ve been able to sleep well at night though-thank God!) In the past few days I’ve had some painful contractions here and there, nothing timeable, but definitely what I’d describe as “strong cramping”. Maybe this means something good!

Kev and I have an appt tomorrow morning. I’m pretty nervous about it because I desperately want them to tell me that I’m dilated quite a bit and should be having this baby very soon. If not, then I could be waiting another week more. And that, my friends, would not be fun. I know, I know, she’ll come when she’s ready. But come on already!

I’m happy to see the sun shining these past few days, but it is still FREEZING!!! Saturday wasn’t too too bad; Kev and I went for a walk on the path. We hadn’t been on a walk together probably since the fall so it was really fun to do that with him. Going on walks together is something we’ve always enjoyed and it’s so frustrating to not be able to do it because of the weather (yet another reason to move to warmer temperatures in the future!)

Here’s a convo I had with Kev yesterday:
Kevin: Will Sophie be able to sit up by the end of the summer?
Me: She should. Why?
Kevin: We can take her to Lake Michigan!!!

Ohh I can’t wait for that day!

We had such a relaxing weekend. Obviously we didn’t have any plans, not knowing if we would have had the baby or what, so it was nice to just hang out around the house together. Friday afternoon I went to the library before picking Kevin up from work. We used the Applebee’s gift card Friday night (yummy!) and went to Bible study in Brighton. Saturday and Sunday we just hung out at the house. I’ve taken up playing “Monopoly Here And Now” on Kev’s ipod, and I finally won on my own! YES. I also finished an “evil” samurai-sudoku, and started reading “The Language of God” that I got from the library. Ohh, and I broke out the old Nintendo too. Kev’s too scared to play Dr. Mario with me (he gets frustrated by the “pause” that happens when I get rid of a “virus” and thinks the game is unfair on 2 player…chicken…).

This is long and newsy-yet not newsy because nothing has really happened so I think I’ll spare you all the boredom and end here. This morning I’m off to Meijer and I also need to clean up around here a bit because a bunch of realtors are coming over tomorrow to look at the house. Please pray that this house sells, and that Sophie comes very soon!

It is so beautiful outside!

I wish my desk was facing the opposite direction so I could fully enjoy my view! Even though it is of the parking lot…it is sunny and bright-the most perfect fall day. I went for a walk at Lime Lake this morning, and was totally in love with the scenery. The trees all around the perimeter of the lake are in various stages of change and I was kicking myself for not bringing the camera. The only bummer to my walk was that this stupid dog followed me for half of it. He kept going into the water on one side of the path and then the other. Some old man on a bike yelled at me, “DOGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON A LEASH!” I shrugged, gave a detached look, and said, “He’s not my dog!”

Every day this week, after getting out of work, I have smelled Lenny’s Sub Shop, just across the parking lot. It smells so good. I may just have to stop in there one day either before or after work. Not for awhile though…our pocketbooks need to recover after our two Applebee’s visits in a row 🙂

I called up my doctor’s office this morning to get some info on my ultrasound next week. Kev and I were a bit confused as to whether it was going to be a 3D ultrasound or just a regular one, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to call and ask. The woman told me that they would start out with a regular ultrasound to get all the right measurements of the baby (like head circumference, the chambers of the heart, the vertebrae, length of the femur, etc.) and then switch over to 3D to get some pics of the face and find out the gender. So, I am very happy with that news. Now, only one more week to wait! AHHH! I can’t believe that a week from tomorrow we will know if we’re having a son or a daughter-crazy! Sometimes I still having trouble believing that we’re having a baby at all!

Alright, I need to order my next book club book off of Amazon and do some reading of the new book I just started. It’s fascinating. “The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million”. It’s about this man who is trying to find out the truth about what happened to his uncle’s family during the Holocaust. I’m in love with good memoirs.