Birthday Weekend

A day or two after Christmas, Kara told me that her parents bought tickets for their family to go to the Phantom of the Opera in June. I was immediately jealous, and being the kind and welcoming person that she is, she simply asked her dad to get me a ticket so I could go too. And that’s exactly what we did on Saturday night! Kara, her brother Eric, and I headed up to Lansing for dinner at The Pizza House with the rest of her family, and then we meandered on over to the Wharton for the show. To our surprise and infinite delight, we were in the 7th row!

Sunday was my birthday. I spent the morning at church, planting zinnias in plastic cups with the K-2nd graders in the sunshine. My parents and Steph came out in the afternoon for some baby snuggling, Bananagrams, and shish-kabobs. We spent the evening, as we do every Sunday evening, with our small group pals from church.

I am so thankful for all the great people in my life, so thankful for the 25 years I’ve had on this earth of loving and being loved, knowing and being known.