Panic Attack

Not a real one. But close.

On Saturday we were at the Gienapps’ house. They have a deck coming off their living room, on the second floor. So…a long drop to the bottom if one were to fall. Sophie was happily pushing around her push walker on the deck and I was following close behind. The slats were just a little to wide for my liking. All I could think about was her falling off. It was horrible. I wanted her to play inside. But when I took her inside, I realized that there was dog hair on everything. All over the carpet, everywhere. And there were piles of newspapers, stacks of junk everywhere, glass tables, etc. So…we played on the leather couch (no dog hair). I was SO stressed.

I know this post makes me sound like a freaking psycho but whatever. I did not have a relaxing afternoon. It was all just stress. Stress stress stress. Add in the fact that she desperately needed a nap and was cranky as a result.