Reading in 2010:As Sure As The Dawn

The final book of the The Mark of the Lion series. Might have been my favorite of the three. SO good.

Reading in 2010: A Voice in the Wind

As Christian fiction, I wasn’t expecting much. No offense to Christian fiction, but it’s just usually too cheesy to be my cup of tea. But this one surprised me! It is the first in a 3-book series (The Mark of the Lion series). The story takes place in about 40 AD, in Rome, after the Romans destroy Jerusalem. The main character Hadassah is taken from her home in Jerusalem in the seige and forced into slavery for a powerful Roman family. There’s also another story going on of another slave-this one is Atretes and he is a captive from Germania, forced to fight and kill as a gladiator in the arena. I’m onto the second book already!

There’s a crispness in the air

and I just can’t deny that fall is around the corner! I love this cooler weather. We’ve busted out our sweatshirts and long-sleeves, jeans and sweaters.

Sophie and I took a trip over to Kohl’s earlier in the week to pick up some long-sleeved shirts for her. Most of what we had from this past winter/early spring is a little too small. We found a few cute shirts at a great price!

We spent Labor Day weekend mostly in Brighton, although we were home for a little bit of it. We met with Amy & Bret and Erin & Aaron on Friday night, spent the night in Brighton, and went to Tom’s meet at Oakland on Saturday morning. We headed home after that so I could make my long-run date with Courtney, went grocery shopping, and finally made it over to Prime Cuts. After church on Sunday, we drove back out and spent Sunday afternoon and all day Monday with our families. Sophie had a blast exploring the outdoors with my Mom, Steph and I worked a jigsaw puzzle and played games. Very relaxing!

Amy & Erin hoisted a new series upon me-The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. I’m usually not a fan of Christian fiction but I promised them I’d give it a try after hearing their rave reviews. I started it and I do have to admit it’s pretty good. We shall see. I don’t know how motivated I’ll be to read from an actual book once my Kindle arrives! It shipped yesterday, so I’m crossing my fingers it will be here tomorrow!