A few days late, but Sophie is 11 Months :)

Here she is, my sweet little one! So close to a year old.

I’ll save all my sappy words about how big she is, how amazing she is, for her big birthday post in a month. For now I’ll say this-she is wonderful and perfect and I love her so much.

Sophie blows me away each day with all of her firsts. Each day I notice that she is understanding what I say to her more and more. Her movements are becoming more and more “toddler-like” and less and less “baby-like”. She pulls up effortlessly, will “walk” assisted, makes valiant attempts at her favorite wooden puzzle, and is even starting to “get” the shape sorter. She babbles constantly, points at everything, claps when she’s happy, says “oooooooohhhhh!” when she sees something she likes, and says “mmmmmmmm” when she tastes something yummy 🙂

We have gotten into a great groove. We wake up, nurse, and play. Play, play, play! She eats a relatively yummy yogurt/applesauce/oatmeal mix for breakfast (and of course she has to have her Cheerios). Lately, I’ve been having to do quite a bit of “work” to get her down for a nap-lots of rocking, butt-patting, standin’ and swayin’. But it’s worth it, I will not let her cry. I know that part of this change in nap patterns is due to the fact that she’s so active and would much rather be playing-she just doesn’t want to slow down to nap. So I send her off to dreamland with lots of cuddles and love. Thankfully, she still goes down pretty easily at night. But, I digress…back to our “groove”. During her nap, I work out, shower, and get ready for work. On a great nap day I manage to eat lunch before she wakes up. Then, we nurse, play a bit, I get her lunch ready for daycare, and we’re off. Her to daycare, and me to work. Once the weather is springish we’ll be out the door early to go running so we’re back in time for her nap. She’s usually sleeping when I get home from work, so I make dinner, wake her up to eat dinner, and goes down for the night around 8:30pm.

You may find the above paragraph totally boring and that’s ok. That was really written more for me to remember what we do. This blog has evolved into a lot of things over the years, not the least of which is documenting my baby’s sweet little life. I want to remember these sorts of details. So I document. And remember. And when I read this a year from now, or 10 years from now, I’ll have a smile on my face, remembering these perfectly wonderful days with my Sophie Joy.

So, Happy 11 Months Little Girl. Keep Growing! Mama and Daddy love you so much.
P.S. I have not forgotten about how I left you hanging the other day. My post is coming to reveal my latest book!