Life Update

Oh my, it has been so long since I’ve wrote anything worth reading on here.  Seems like most of my blog entries start out like this-me apologizing for not writing. But, I’m sure all 3 of my regular readers will forgive me, if they even noticed my absence. Right?

I don’t have much to say, to be honest. Life has been pretty even-keeled for us lately. Going to work, raising our little one, training for our upcoming race (Detroit Marathon in October, by the way. Half for me, Full for Kevin).

Courtney and I have been doing our long runs together on the weekends, and are running the race together. We completed our goal of running 90 min. on Saturday morning. Whew! It felt so good. We’re going to be ready for this race.

I kind of feel bad for Kevin because he doesn’t have a running partner. Training is difficult for him right now as he is battling a sore achilles tendon. His goal was to run for 2 hours on Sunday. He left a note for me to see when I got home from church-he had left to go running at 10am. I got home at 12:30. I was worried. Sophie was a grouch and needed to eat, so I anxiously fed her and then loaded her in the car so we could go find Kev. Thankfully, he had left a map up on the computer of his route so I knew where to look. As drove down County Farm Road, I was nervous that I’d find him in a ditch. Morbid, I know. It didn’t take me long to find him, walking on the shoulder of the road. I could tell he was relieved to see me! When he had started running, the temperature was around 70. When he stopped to walk, the temp had climbed to 90 and he just couldn’t take the heat anymore. He ended up running about 90 minutes, so he was happy with his run.

On Saturday we went out to Bryan and Kim’s for Allison’s birthday party. Allison got a new wagon from her grandparents (my Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob) and cousin Jackie pulled them around the house for quite awhile.

They had so much fun together! They’re bound to be great friends.

Now, I’m off to read a book that I’m devouring with embarrassing speed.  I’ve read 400 pages of it in the past 2 days.  Like I said, it’s embarrassing. More on that later.

The Half.

Well, we did it! Our Half took place on Sunday morning and went off without a hitch. Steph and I finished in 2:10:52, and we both felt great! Kevin finished in a little less than 2 hours. The course was a lot hillier than I remember it, but that, in my opinion, is what kept it fun and interesting. Lots of rocks and roots, twists and turns, and ups and downs. One had to keep their eye on the course, or else risk twisting an ankle! Constant vigilance!

I’m thinking that the Detroit Half (which I’ll be taking on in October) may be quite “boring” in comparison! Of course, that one will undoubtedly have a lot more people, which brings new excitement of it’s own. As expected, we weren’t able to get any pictures because my parents ended up taking Sophie to church with them rather than camping out in the morning chill to see us take off and finish, but I’ve got pictures in my mind. Memories.

To recover from the run, I walked on Monday morning, rested Tuesday, and then resumed normal running with Becky on Wednesday afternoon. I don’t have anything to train for for awhile now-it’s going to be nice to have the freedom to run whatever I’d like now that the weather is nicer. I think I’ll still make it a point to run a long run on the weekends, as I treasure those runs without the stroller and I do like to really push myself at least once per week.

Day Off.

I love Fridays-the relaxed atmosphere of having no schedule, just a loose agenda.

Sophie and I were up at our normal time this morning to take Kevin to work. We’ll be picking him up in a little bit, and then heading straight to Mom and Dad’s for “Pasta Fest”. The reason for Pasta Fest (if you really need a reason)? Carbo-loading for our big race, of course! Up until yesterday, we thought our Half was on Saturday. Then we found out that it’s actually on Sunday. Oh well, Pasta Fest is still on for tonight. We have Bible Study with our friends out in Brighton tonight, so we were planning on going there anyway.

I’m feeling really ready for my race. Which (obviously) is a good thing. The only thing that worries me is the fact that I have had very little hill training this time around. My 11-mile long run went well last weekend, so I’m feeling comfortable with the distance. Steph and I plan to stay together for the whole race too, so that should definitely help. It’s always good to have a partner to push and encourage you-and that’s just what Steph does for me.

This afternoon, Sophie and I went outdoors. I brought out her little push walker and she walked up and down the sidewalk with it. I meant to take our camera out with us to get some pictures, but I guess we were just so excited to get outside that I plumb forgot. Oh well, we’ll just have to do it again 🙂

Not much else to add right now. I’ll may or may not have any pictures of us from the Half, depending on if my parents are able to come or not. The weather does not look too promising for Sunday morning, so they may just stay at the house with Sophie. Either way, I’ll write about it. Well, better sign off as I need to get us ready to go pick up Kev from work and get this busy night started.

Have a great weekend!

mismash, hodgepodge, conglomeration

Not much to do here. Might as well write. Right?

I can’t decide if I’m actually hungry, or if I’m just bored and want to eat. Know what I mean? I eat when I’m bored. I love food. Almost all food. There are very few things that I don’t like. I don’t like pickles or cantaloupe or sushi. But I’ve only tried sushi once. I’d be willing to give it another try.

This morning I watched a clip on youtube of the last 8ish minutes of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. I can’t get it out of my mind. It’s horrible-horrifying. If you haven’t read that book, or any books on the Holocaust, I suggest that you do so. Yes, the details are disturbing and they haunt you. But I believe that it is so important to know, to remember. Don’t those millions of people deserve to be remembered? Even if it is through a fiction story. Same goes for Sarah’s Key, which I blogged about here.

Onto something happy. This morning Sophie walked, holding onto my fingers, all the way down the hall to her room and back out to the living room. She’s on her way! She doesn’t yet stand unassisted, so I know that walking isn’t imminent, but every little thing she does makes me so excited and proud. I love her 🙂

I have now started The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It’s slow, but interesting and good. I like the writing and the story is growing on me. I found it in my coworker’s office one day and when I asked her if I could borrow it she said that it didn’t belong to her. She said I could just take it. But I’ll return it because I need another book like I need a hole in my head.

LOST is on tonight 🙂 I’ve been digging this LOST blog. I think it gives a good account of what happened (plus some amusing commentary) plus the author’s overall rating of the episode. I’m a huge dork.

Steph and I ran 9 miles on Sunday and we’re planning on doing 11 this weekend. Our race is in less than 2 weeks! Yikes! Sophie and I went for a walk yesterday morning to give my legs a little rest, and then this morning was so cold and miserable that I wasn’t about to take her out. I plan to run a few miles when I get home from work today, and happily the sun is just now peeking through the clouds.