It’s amazing how a pink ball and sunshine can make my girl as happy as can be.

Dandelions bring on the smiles too.

We were just happy to be together on a gorgeous spring evening.

We planted some trees this weekend too. Here’s Sophie next to the red maple. Silly kid wouldn’t take her fingers out of her mouth!

And here’s the sugar maple planted in the backyard:

It will be fun to see these trees and Sophie grow up together.

Welcome, Spring.

Hello, Spring? Is that you?

No need to hide, Spring.  No need to be shy.

Mom told me you were in town. I got to wear my new coat, that we bought especially for you, Spring.

I sure have missed you.

I’ve missed your warm breezes in my hair.

Spring, we had forgotten how nice it feels to have your sun on my face.

Spring, you sure do make me smile!

Stay for awhile, won’t you please?