Reading in 2010: Keeping Faith

Miracles, strange voices, and stigmata. Oh and romance and suspense, and religious differences. Pretty good!

Reading in 2010: Handle With Care

Well, without giving too much away-this was a really good book, with a really crappy ending.

I love Picoult’s style and how she presents the story from multiple points of view. This was all written as if the characters were talking to the main character, Willow, age 6, which I found unique and interesting. It explores the emotions and what ifs of having a child with a disability. And for the Grisham-lover in me there was plenty of courtroom drama.

Synopsis: Willow was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, more commonly known as “brittle bone disease”. Six years later, her mother Charlotte decides to sue her OB (and best friend) Piper for not diagnosing the OI at the 18-week ultrasound, basically saying that if she had known about the OI at that time she would have chosen to terminate the pregnancy. Winning the suit would mean that Charlotte and her husband Sean could provide for Willow’s never-ending health care, but it would come at the cost of (basically) wishing that Willow were never born. Because Willow is six years old, she understands what the trial is about, and the things her mother is saying about her.