Squeezed the life outta that weekend. Part 1.

Ours was an on-the-go weekend.


we got up close and personal with a few giraffes at the Binder Park Zoo.

And their sweet babies, who were a little too short to get the attention (and lettuce treats) of excited zoo-goers.

Sophie traveled in style-in her new Ergo!

Kangaroos, a kookaburra, zebras, ostriches, wolves, emus, wallabies, Mongolian wild horses, vultures, a cheetah, and a bald eagle were the other highlights. What a great morning!

After lunch at Chili’s (one of our favorite spots), we decided to go all out. We decided to continue on to Lake Michigan, which incidently was the purpose of our whole trip, not the zoo. The zoo ended up being a side trip. A wonderful, little somethin extra.

So we also enjoyed the beach! See, here is one of my favorite places. The fresh water was the warmest I have ever felt it.

Sophie had a blast in the sand.

And boy, did itΒ  feel heavenly on my toes!

The water felt heavenly on Sophie’s toes too.

Here’s Sophie’s shout out to our favorite radio station πŸ˜›

If Friday were a lemon, we juiced it, iced it, sugared it, shook the hell out of it, slammed it down, and held up our empty glasses with eager anticipation of more.

Wistful Wednesday: Lake Michigan

If I had one wish, I’d be partially submerged in Lake Michigan right now. On a float raft, the kind that lets the water seep on so your body stays cool, and I’d have icy Coke in hand. I would walk about a quarter mile down the beach to get away from the kids building sandcastles and the teenagers playing volleyball, and the girls who are wearing bikinis when they really shouldn’t be. I’d go alone, because frankly, if I want to relax, I want to relax and not have to worry about anyone’s sippy cup or reapplying anyone’s sunscreen or listen to anyone’s fussing. Not that I’m talking about anyone in particular πŸ˜›

Photo not mine.