Reading in 2010: Not My Daughter

I must say, I am quite amazed at my pace. 3 books down and it’s only the beginning of February. I’m sure the momentum will slow-there’s no way I can sustain this throughout the entire year (though that would be amazing).

This weekend I finished Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky. Overall, I liked it. Not the most intriguing book I’ve read, or the best written, but still I liked it. It was not what I was expecting-I was thinking it was going to focus more on the pregnant teens rather than on their mothers. The main character is Susan, who is the principle of the small-town high school, and who’s job is in major jeopardy once it comes out that her daughter and her two best friends are pregnant (intentionally). It’s fiction, and sometimes that was definitely obvious.

Maybe it’s just the town I grew up in, but I don’t think any mother would be losing her job over something that her daughter did. Back in Brighton, I think it was pretty clear that you made your own choices. Plenty of well-respected, successful, involved parents had kids that got into trouble (although I don’t recall more than one or two classmates who got pregnant, those that did got by without much controversy). I’m of the personal opinion that it’s lame to blame a kid’s choices on their parents, especially once they are in high school. If kids want to do drugs or get pregnant or drink or whatever, they’ll find a way to do it no matter how attentive their parents are. Most people go through periods of their lives when they make really bad choices, regardless of what they were taught growing up. That’s just a fact about teens. So, I found the reaction of the town unrealistic. But, like I said, a small town may erupt over a “scandal” like a pregnancy pact, while a larger town like mine, may not notice (or care?) too much.

I liked it, it was not a waste of time. And it’ll be good for discussion at book club at the end of the month. But don’t waste your money on the hardcover! Luckily I had a coupon to Borders so I didn’t pay full price.