My poor Sweetie is sick :(

The past few days she’s been so…lethargic. On Saturday, Steph, Sophie, and I went out to mom and dad’s for the day. It was lovely and relaxing-we made homemade wheat bread and cookies, Sophie mastered going up the step to the kitchen, and we played Bananagrams. But Sophie wouldn’t nap in the crib, and although she managed to catch some z’s while laying on Steph, Mom, Dad, and me- it wasn’t solid sleep. That night she started coughing. Yesterday she was ok, but quick to cry, clingy, and snuggly. We were all over yesterday-church, home for a few minutes, Megan and Chip’s in Lansing, home for a few minutes, then Bible study. She slept until 8 this morning-WOW. Today her cough is pretty bad and the snot is everywhere. She doesn’t have much of an appetite either, but I suppose no one really does when they are sick. So Kev is coming home from work to be with her-no way I’d send her to daycare in this state of sickness! Poor thing! Now she’s down for her morning nap-hopefully it’s a good, long one. Her little body needs rest!