Stream of Conciousness

(Inspired by Mckmama)

It’s snowing. Still. Actually it’s slushing. Still. Is slushing even a word? It is now, and I’ll bet you know exactly what it means.

I just spent the first 3 hours of my workday running hither and thither in preparation for the new program tonight. Lots to do. Heavy lifting. Lots of books to pass out! I think I might pass out. Just kidding.

The season premiere of LOST last night left me with many more questions. More questions than answers. But that’s okay. I have confidence that all will be revealed by the end of this final season. It’s an incredible story. If you’re not familiar, you should rent all the seasons and park your butt on the couch for a week. But that just might make your head explode, so maybe it’d be better to try to pace yourself a little. That would be hard. Anyway, here are the questions that I thought of while watching:

1. How are they both on the island and off the island simultaneously? It’s as if they are living in parallel dimensions.

2. Why was Desmond on the plane? Desmond was not on the plane originally. And where did he go during the episode? He was there, and then he was gone.

3. How did Juliet know that “it worked”?

4. Has the Man in Black always been the smoke monster? And why is he now taking the form of John Locke?

5. Why did Hurley, Kate, and Jack just sort of stand by and let the Others drown Sayid? I mean, I’m glad Sayid came back to life and all but some friends they are.

6. Who are these Others? Are they in the future? Past? How far in the future or past?

7. What was with the island being underwater in the opening sequence? How can a) the island be underwater b) the characters be on the island (not underwater) and c) the characters be on the airplane, which is not crashing (I guess this question is a lot like #1…sorry)

Sophie is getting better. She still has a bad cough at night, but during the day she is fine. She also still has lots of boogies, but at least they’re not green. I’m sure you’re all totally grossed out by that but moms deal with boogers on a daily basis. Actually, it’s more like on an hourly or bi-hourly basis. Just part of the job!

I am just so thankful that overall she’s a healthy girl. I know I myself take my health for granted all the time. It’s only when I get sick that I realize what a blessing it is to feel normal most of the time. I don’t get sick often, a fact for which I am thankful.

I’m craving Lenny’s subs. They are right across the parking lot! I can see it! I can practically smell it! (Ok, not really). And don’t y’all get all intrigued by my use of the word “craving”. It means nothing. I am most certainly NOT what cravings are commonly attributed to. I won’t even say the word for fear the condition would overtake me! We do not speak it’s name!!! Ohhh I just made myself laugh so hard with that paragraph. Did I make you laugh? Oh I do hope so!

This is getting long. But one more thing! I ditched reading Peaceful Parenting because it was overdue to the library and I didn’t have the change to pay the fee and renew it. So…my new book is Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky. It’s our book club pick for February. It’s a fictionalized take on the pregnancy pact that was recently in the news. Yea, not everyone’s cuppa tea, but it interests me. I’m about a quarter way through and I like it so far. More to come on that.

Have a fantastic day!