Reading in 2010: Anne of Green Gables

Well, Randi, my only guesser, was right. It was the most beloved Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery that I’ve been reading! I got a nice chunk of time to read at work today and just finished up the last pages a few minutes ago as Sophie naps. I must say, after growing up watching the movie (often!), the book was just okay. I know the movie so well that I compared everything in the book to it and imagined each scene in the book with the actors from the movie. It’s hard to take the book as stand-alone when the movie is so near and dear to your heart!

Isn’t this cover downright adorable?

As for the particulars: Anyone who knows Anne, knows that she is long-winded. In the book, it’s quite startling how truly long-winded she can be! Most of her dialogue goes on uninterrupted for 3+ pages! It’s ok, that’s one of the reasons I love her. I love her imagination, and her dreaming, and her dramatic ways of looking at things. She’s just lovable! One thing I was disappointed with was her relationship (or lack thereof) with Gil. After he calls her Carrots and she smashes her slate over his head in the beginning, she doesn’t even talk to him until the end! In the movie, she did talk to him in between, even if it was just to snub him 🙂 Either way, Anne is stubborn, yet another reason I like her!

I could go on and on about Anne, but I’ll leave it at this: If you haven’t met her, you should! Whether in book or movie form (although I do like the movie more!)